Voices of our international students

Step into the vibrant world of Epitech through the eyes of our international students. Discover the real stories behind the transformative journey of studying abroad, and let these testimonials inspire and guide you through the exciting possibilities that await you at Epitech.

Leticia Fraga

Epitech International Student (Year Exchange 2023-2024) from PUC Minas, Brazil.

I chose Epitech because of its innovative learning approach, emphasizing practical projects over traditional classrooms. This aligns perfectly with my belief that true learning happens through hands-on experiences. Additionally, the enchanting experience of living in Paris was truly magical. Meeting fellow exchange students allowed me to forge deep connections and gain insights into different cultures. Professionally, delving into C language and lower-level programming was a significant learning curve, enhanced by daily practice of English and French.

Juan José Esquivel

Epitech International Student (spring semester 2023) From TecMilenio University, Mexico

Being part of the Epitech community has allowed me to connect with fellow tech enthusiasts and foster a collaborative spirit. Choosing Epitech as my study abroad destination has been truly transformative, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in such an inspiring environment..

Sofia Jimenez Martinez

Epitech International Student (spring semester 2023) From Tecmilenio University, Mexico.

What really drew me to Epitech was their unique approach to teaching. They prioritize helping students develop the skills they need to adapt to any situation, grow on their own, and complete projects successfully. I loved the fact that they didn’t just focus on theory, but also on practical skills that are essential for a career in software development.

Aqsa Muzaffar Ahmed

Epitech International Student (fall semester 2022) from National Taipei University, Taiwan

Working together with students from different countries to complete our project was a challenging yet special experience. We transitioned from just being classmates to becoming friends. Especially when we worked on the final project together, the feeling of everyone working towards the same goal was amazing. If it weren’t for this exchange, I might have never had such an incredible experience in my life.

Bárbara Menezes

Epitech International Student (Year Exchange 2022-2023)  from PUC Minas, Brazil.

When I first heard about Epitech’s teaching approach, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. Their project-based learning system is very similar to the real-world IT industry, where you’re constantly challenged to think critically and creatively. I was also attracted to the idea of learning alongside a diverse student community who share the same passion for technology. In my opinion, Epitech’s approach to education is the best way to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the tech industry and prepare for a successful professional career.

Vera Koliverda

Epitech International Student (Fall semester 2022) from Higher School of Economics (HSE), Russia.

I sometimes find it challenging to adjust to new teams and environements, but at Epitech, I felt completely at ease communicating in both French and English with people from all over the world. The networking opportunities at Epitech are incredible! I made many friends among other international students and established valuable connections with teachers at Epitech.

Stefania-Cristina Mihai

Epitech International Student (Year Exchange 2022-2023) From  Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania.

In Epitech they push you to think on your feet and give you the opportunity to learn in the way that works best for you. It’s a very hands-on and practical approach, which I’m sure will be beneficial for my future career.

Iana Barinova

Epitech International Student (Fall semester 2022) From ITMO University, Russia.

What I appreciated the most during my study exchange in EPITECH is the innovative approach of project-based learning. This teaching methodology allowed me to apply what I learn in real-world situations and gain hands-on experience that will benefit me in my future career. Additionally, I chose the Advanced Cybersecurity course which allowed me not only to learn new concepts but also to view my major from a different perspective.

David Guerrero Lopez

Epitech International Student (Fall semester 2022) From  University of Huelva, Spain.

In Epitech I was able to learn all by myself with the help of expert advisors who provided me with the necessary guidance and resources. They never spoon-fed me but taught me how to find the answers and solutions on my own. This approach was challenging, but ultimately helped me to become more independent and develop critical thinking skills.

Miguel Laloma Cabrera

Epitech International Student (Fall semester 2022)  From CEU San Pablo University, Spain.

During my exchange study at Epitech, I learned a lot of new things and improved my skills considerably, sometimes in areas I didn’t even expect (like programming in C).

Leonardo Fonseca

Epitech International Student Year Exchange 2022-2023 in Epitech Barcelona from PUC Rio, Brazil.

When I first heard about Epitech I thought it was the perfect school for me to improve my coding skills. But after just one semester at Epitech, I realized that not only do I have the ability to assimilate a lot of knowledge, but also the certainty that I am fully capable of becoming an IT expert. Furthermore, studying at Epitech offered me a huge potential to develop my innovative spirit, as I was constantly surrounded by brilliant people.

Dorijan Kos

Epitech International Student (Fall semester 2022)  From University of Zagreb, Croatia.

On a professional level, what I liked most about my exchange in Epitech, was being surrounded by hard working motivated people which made me want to work harder on my own programming skills and that helped me become more productive. On the other hand, and on a personal level, this experience gave me the chance to explore the beautiful city of Paris as well as to meet some amazing people and make friendships for a lifetime. For someone who’s always wanted to visit Paris and potentially live in it, it gave me an opportunity that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Anastasiia Kuznetsova

Epitech International Student (Fall semester 2022) From HSE University, Russia.

My semester as an exchange student at Epitech allowed me to dive deeper into the field of digital technologies and immediately put the skills I learned into practice, through a variety of projects. In addition, it gave me the opportunity to learn from IT experts in the industry and meet many great people from all around the world.

Fang-Chi Lu

Epitech International Student (spring semester 2022) from National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan

Epitech is outstanding for its learning methodologies based on practical skills emphasizing learning by doing and doing while learning. This school is very different from my home university. In Epitech every student needs to set their own goal and achieve it by themselves. Moreover, the tools that we used as well as the projects we worked on are exactly what nowadays companies are looking for.

Hugo Andres Martinez Guzman

Epitech International Student (spring semester 2022)   from University of TecMilenio in Monterrey, Mexico

What I enjoyed the most during my study exchange in Epitech was the people I’ve met. Everyone was very nice and extremely helpful, dispite the fact there are no professors in Epitech. When I needed help, there was always someone there to support me including students, expert advisors and of course the Epitech staff. I’ve made so many friends here and I had such a wonderful experience that I’m sure I’ll never forget…



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