What our international students say about their study exchange experience in Epitech:

“Epitech is outstanding for its learning methodologies based on practical skills emphasizing learning by doing and doing while learning. This school is very different from my home university. In Epitech every student needs to set their own goal and achieve it by themselves. Moreover, the tools that we used as well as the projects we worked on are exactly what nowadays companies are looking for.”

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“What I enjoyed the most during my study exchange in Epitech was the people I’ve met. Everyone was very nice and extremely helpful, dispite the fact there are no professors in Epitech. When I needed help, there was always someone there to support me including students, expert advisors and of course the Epitech staff. I’ve made so many friends here and I had such a wonderful experience that I’m sure I’ll never forget… .”

Hugo Andres Martinez Guzman
Epitech International Student (spring semester 2022) From University of TecMilenio, in Monterrey, Mexico.

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“What I really liked in Epitech was the diversity of the projects assigned. We had various projects to complete so I had the opportunity to explore new programming languages and work on different topics.”

Maveen Mushtaq
Epitech International Student (spring semester 2022) From Cardiff University, United-Kingdom.

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“At Epitech the classrooms are very different from my home university. You feel like a part of a big team working in the same classroom with other students from your group. You are free to ask questions anytime you want. Another thing that I enjoyed very much is meeting new international students. We became good friends, and we even went on a summer vacation together at the end of the semester.”

Evgeniia Matiushina
Epitech International Student (spring semester 2021) From ITMO University, Russia.

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“When I applied in Epitech I was hoping to increase my knowledge in programming, and I got what I asked for ten times over. I am very happy that I have chosen this school. My year in Epitech was the best academic experience of my life. Also, one of the most challenging.”

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“My study exchange experience in Epitech was so different than what I expected and so enjoyable that I cannot even describe it in words. I had so much fun while studying there and I have created such good memories, that I’m sure I’ll never forget.”

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