Student life at Epitech

During your study exchange in Epitech you’ll get outstanding teaching, excellent spaces for socialising, learning, and wide-ranging support.

Your study experience extends beyond the classroom! At Epitech, the student life and the wellbeing of our students represents a fundamental component of our school’s educational goals. To ensure your integration, the International Relations team offers different activities for international students throughout the year.

Study in a beautiful European city


Paris, the capital of France, is a major European city and a global hub for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. Renowned as the #1 city for academic pursuits worldwide, it comes highly recommended by 9 out of 10 international students as an ideal study destination. The Epitech campus in Paris was the school’s very first location and remains its largest campus. Students have access to a privileged professional development, in close connection with the Parisian and national French Tech. The campus features a variety of workspaces, coworking areas, and lounges, providing access to all the resources available at the Epitech Innovation Hub an environment tailored for IT enthusiasts to craft cutting-edge technological solutions. Nestled in the heart of the French capital, students at Epitech benefit from privileged connections with industry giants such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Bouygues, Société Générale, and numerous other major corporations.


Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, Spain, stands as the country’s second most populous city with 1.6 million residents, following Madrid. As the largest city on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is distinguished as one of the top 15 safest cities globally and ranks among the ten most attractive cities for launching a digital business. The city’s tech ecosystem is robust, hosting over 100 tech companies and serving as the headquarters for more than 1200 startups, making it the 6th largest hub in Europe. Additionally, Barcelona claims the position of the 5th largest investment hub in Europe. Epitech’s Barcelona campus actively engages in forming tailored partnerships with companies, strategically placing innovation at the forefront of various economic sectors.

You’ll learn a lot, but you’ll also have so much fun…

To ensure your integration, the International Relations team offers several specific activities for international students throughout the year. A welcome meeting and orientation will be organized upon your arrival, as well as cultural, sport activities and company visits. Depending on your campus, you’ll also have the opportunity to take French or Spanish language classes and discover the culture of each of these countries. Furthermore, Epitech has several student associations offering a wide range of activities (cultural, humanitarian or sports associations) which will provide you with excellent opportunities to socialize and network. You will be able to find an association in link with your hobbies and live valuable experiences during your study exchange.

Cultural Activities

The International Relations team organizes numerous cultural activities for international students throughout the year. The cultural activities program can include guided tours of neighbourhoods, museums and monuments, and other activities (such as excursions to Mont Saint-Michel, Disneyland, Château de Versailles, Fontainebleau etc.).

Team-building activities

In addition to cultural activities, the International Relations Office organizes different team-building activities for the international students to help them get to know each other and to step outside of their comfort zone while also having fun. These activities may include taking a cruise boat on the Seine (Bateaux-Mouches), discovering Paris from the 56th floor observation deck of the Montparnasse Tower, food tasting activities, escape games, guided city tour by Segway, tree climbing adventure parks etc.

Sport activities

As an Epitech student, you can benefit from a very attractive discount compared to the classic membership contribution (95€ per year), for an unlimited access to all ‘Forest Hill sports club’s and to Aquaboulevard aquatic park’.

Forest Hill is a network of sports clubs. There are several of them in the Paris area, including one in Villejuif, close to Epitech, and one at the Aquaboulevard center. All Forest Hill clubs have wide gym rooms furnished with high tech sports machines offering a variety of classes (fitness, dance and racket sports). For further information, please visit Forest Hill website here.

Second language courses

Although the curriculum is taught in English, you will have the opportunity to take basic and intermediate French, Spanish or German courses as a foreign language (depending on your campus) and participate in cultural activities with other exchange students. This linguistic preparation helps students to acquire basic language knowledge in order to be able to communicate in their daily life situations.

A variety of student associations reflecting the diversity of profiles that make up Epitech

At Epitech, we firmly believe that extracurricular activities are integral to a fulfilling student life and serve as a seamless transition to the professional world. Consequently, our students have successfully built a robust and diverse network of community-based associations, providing everyone with the opportunity to explore, cultivate, and share their passions.

A university embodies its own identity – a space where you acquire technical skills, learn to collaborate, discover your true self, and thrive. Associative life naturally complements the educational curriculum, allowing students to embark on new experiences at their own pace. Whether one is passionate about promoting digital diversity and inclusion, advocating for innovation, addressing global warming, or encouraging widespread coding literacy, there’s an association that aligns with individual convictions and heartfelt projects.

Filter the associations :

Artistic and cultural
Association Ephemere à Epitech


For more than 15 years, Ephemere has stood as the photography club, offering students a platform to nurture their passion for imagery. Our activities include knowledge exchange, event and party coverage, studio photography sessions, and more.

Association Ep'ink à Epitech


Ep’Ink conducts body painting at events and offers initiation sessions for tattooing on synthetic skin, providing a safe introduction to the world of tattoos.

Association Epitanime à Epitech


Epitanime promotes Japanese culture to students through activities such as karaoke, projections, drawing, musical video games, retrogaming, VSG Pokémon, TCG cards, Go game.

Association EPTV à Epitech


E.P.T.V is the video association of the IONIS Group schools in Paris. It undertakes numerous projects involving filming, production, and editing for our school events, enabling them to immortalize their most memorable moments.

Association La Cave à Epitech


La Cave promotes French gastronomy and local products. During evenings and after-work events, they offer cheese, wine, and charcuterie, showcasing the authentic delights of French cuisine.

Association Soul of Sound à Epitech


Soul of Sound est une association de musique à tendance rock. Elle propose des cours de musique (instruments, chant et solfège). Elle organise aussi des concerts, de bœufs et des battles.

Association Unisson à Epitech


Unisson is an association of DJs that promotes underground music genres such as techno, dub, drum’n’bass, and organizes events throughout the year. Whether it’s electronic music production (MAO), live mixing, scratching, Unisson shares its musical tastes with all enthusiasts and those eager to delve into the scene.

Association Unplug à Epitech


Unplug is an association centered around acoustic music, predominantly leaning towards a pop genre.

La Paillote est une association Epitech


La Paillotte is the association of bartenders within the IONIS Group. Enthusiasts of flavor combinations and masters in the art of tantalizing your taste buds, its members offer a diverse range of cocktails, from the classic to the unique, specially crafted for your enjoyment.

Omega One est une association Epitech


Omega One is essentially the film club of Epitech and EPITA, presenting weekly screenings of movies or series centered around specific themes or current events.

Strategyc est une association Epitech


Strataegyc supports strategic thinking by organizing evenings and tournaments for strategic card games such as Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh TCG.

Evolutek est une assocation Epitech


Evolutek is a robotics association whose primary goal is to participate in the Coupe de France de Robotique organized by Planète Sciences. Divided into three branches—electronics, mechanics, and computer science—the association also takes part in the Coupe de Belgique and the Robocon.

Social Engagement
E-mma est une association à visée sociétale Epitech


Founded in 2013 by two school students, E-mma works towards gender diversity in the tech and digital fields. The association boasts nearly 500 members across our campuses in France and Europe, responsible for leading coding initiation workshops. E-mma also undertakes impactful awareness campaigns through conferences and hackathons, in collaboration with major companies, emphasizing the significance of diversity in the digital sector. It is currently presided over by Dipty Chander, a 2018 graduate of Epitech, recognized among the Top 35 Les Echos for being a responsible and inspiring leader under 35, specifically for her efforts to enhance the representation of women in the field of information technology.

Epiqueer est une association à visée sociétale Epitech


Epiqueer is the LGBTQIA+ association at Epitech, dedicated to raising awareness among students on issues related to inclusion and diversity through Queer Cafés, conferences, and awareness events. The association also provides support for individuals affected and actively works to establish “safe” spaces for discussions around these topics.

Episolidaire est une association sociétale Epitech


The EpiSolidaire association organizes and coordinates solidarity and humanitarian actions within the Epitech campus at Kremlin Bicêtre. Members come together, particularly for outreach initiatives aimed at distributing food, essentials, and offering support to individuals experiencing homelessness.

POC Innovation association à Epitech


PoC is the student innovation center that aims to promote innovation and open source through its projects and events. PoC innovates across various areas: Peer-To-Peer & Blockchain, Software, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Hardware. The center undertakes various projects with the goal of addressing challenges in an innovative manner, collaborating with research institutes, foundations, and businesses. Through these projects, PoC acquires knowledge that is shared with all Epitech students by organizing workshops, talks, and hackathons.

Assocaition Taker à Epitech


Taker is the Junior Council of Epitech. It guides students in consulting missions on computer-related topics for both start-ups and major corporations. Focused on the future, the association enables students to acquire new skills by offering their services to businesses.

Sports and Esports
Association Cycom à Epitech


The Cycom association brings together enthusiasts of online games and esports through offline events. The association also organizes competitions in various flagship games of electronic sports.

4L est une association Epitech


Epitrophi is the association of 4L enthusiasts from Epitech and EPITA. It participates in 4L rallies and organizes its own road trip across France, combining rally experiences with coding initiation sessions in schools.

Stack - association à Epitech


Stack facilitates the safe discovery and practice of Airsoft for students from the IONIS Group schools. This engaging activity involves a combination of both athletic and strategic qualities, as well as team spirit.

Street Riders est une association à Epitech


The urban skate sports club brings together skateboarding enthusiasts on the Parisian campus. It organizes initiation sessions for the curious and weekly practice sessions in a covered location, allowing riders to skate regardless of the weather.

Sup'Biodance est une association à Epitech


Sup’Biodance brings together dancers from the campuses of Epita, Sup’Biotech, and Epitech. From hip-hop to Bollywood, salsa to cheerleading, the goal is to share and have fun through dance.


We know that finding appropriate housing can be sometimes challenging for international students, that’s why we advise you to look for an accommodation as soon as possible. Please check the following websites:

  • Studapart (All housing service of Epitech on a single platform)
  • Kley residence : Kley is the closest residence to Epitech campus in Paris (about 15min walk). The Epitech partnership, will allow you to benefit from a 50% discount on registration fees.
  • Les Estudines : We recommend you 4 of the closest residences: Paris d’Ivry, Paris Davout, Paris Bagnolet, Victor Hugo, which are about 30 min far from Epitech campus by public transport. You will benefit from a 15% discount on the three first months of rents.
  • Studelites : You can find private student hall of residence near our campus on Studelites website. Thanks to Epitech partnership, you will benefit from a 25% discount on application fees. Please check their website and select the Paris-IDF as the accommodation location.Here below you can find the studelites residences we recommend:The residence “Gentilly”
    • The residence “Gouverneur”
    • The residence “Capitole”
    • The residence “Consul”
    • The residence “Marechal”

You can also find an accommodation on the Internet on the following websites:

Facilities and advantages
Private bathroom and kitchenette, sheets, blankets, pillows, bath towels and kitchen utensils, gym room are freely provided.

Personal support every step of the way

During your academic journey, we’re here to support you for a great study exchange. Your well-being is our top priority, and we want to make sure you have an excellent experience and feel connected to our school community.

Our International Relations team is ready to help at every step of your study exchange, from applications and visas to placements, tuition, accommodations, and health support. We offer personalized counseling before and during your exchange for a smooth and enriching experience.

Buddy program

Additionally, we’ve established an International Buddy Program to assist you, as an international student, in seamlessly integrating into your new cultural, linguistic, and academic environment. We’ll pair you with a current Epitech student who has at least a year of experience here. Your new buddy can help you make friends, explore the city, and adjust to life at Epitech. In essence, your buddy will be there for you whenever you need support.



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