Dear International Students,
We will be happy to welcome you to Epitech and hope you will enjoy this unique learning experience!

Epitech has solidified its reputation as a leading educational institution transforming a passion for computer science into expertise, opening doors to high-potential employment opportunities comparable to those enjoyed by graduates from the elite French Universities, also known as the “Grandes Ecoles” (96% employment rate after graduation). Business demands functional education based on the innovative Epitech model, which is built upon three qualities that are increasingly required in the workplace: adaptability, self-development and a sense of project management.

Epitech prepares students for the ever-evolving professional environment through unique learning methods:

  • A modern model built on experience, oriented towards action and project development, enriching theory through practical application.
  • An active model, which turns a passive class participant into an active self-starter living in the passion-driven context which embraces innovation and initiative.
  • A unique model, which provides the new and essential elements of success: team-work, adaptation, global orientation, innovation, creativity, and above all a sense of personal investment.

Epitech is not only a curriculum in tune with the times and the information and communication technology sector. It is also an education that personally enriches students by building their character, opening them to change and to others. This permits immediate, yet sustainable, success.

Emmanuel Carli, Epitech Director

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Head of International Education Office
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Laval Virtual And Vr Shine In Our Students’ Firmament

Virtual Reality, VR, or RV in French for Réalité Virtuelle, is finding its way out of R&D laboratories. The general public is beginning to adopt it almost naturally, notably through the world of video games. Google and other manufacturers of VR headsets for smartphone applications, not to mention numerous startups, are investing the market, including Hypersuit in France. Our students […]

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#ProjectWeek is an inter-school event for the IONIS Group, which has a thousand students working together, coming from 3 of the group’s schools (Epitech, ISEG Marketing & Communication School and e-artsup) on 7 city campuses in France. #ProjectWeek 2017 was the fourth edition of the event. In 2015 La Poste Groupe provided the event’s theme […]

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In the same way that Epitech requires its students to bootstrap their Epitech Innovative Projects, the school itself implements the agility of the “test / iterate” and, more generally, “lean start-up” methods in its own projects. Thus, Forward (FWD), these 2 weeks of entrepreneurial creativity, remains focused while spreading its wings ever wider for its […]

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International Winter Boot Camp 2017

EPITECH WINTER BOOT CAMP 2017 Last Friday, February 3rd, the second edition of Epitech Winter Boot Camp finished up. The first edition hosted Japanese students from Ritsumeikan University as well as Russian students from Saint-Petersburg University of Telecommunications. This year, there were ten Korean students visiting from one of the school’s partner universities, Keimyung University […]

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BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER THE HACKATHON #HACKRISQUES The Hackathon #HackRisques conference, organized by the French Ministry of Environment, Energy and Oceans, took place at Tank co-working space from November 18th to the 20th. This event was not like past events. The difference was the clear desire to prepare for Hackathon far in advance by launching […]

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