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Our students are our greatest pride and their journeys are inspiring examples for us all. Whatever your age, profile or ambitions, we hope you will find yourself in one of these success stories, and that one day you will be able to share your own.

Success isn’t just about willpower or natural abilities. It’s about trusting yourself, pursuing dreams, and learning from experiences, projects, and discoveries that shape you. However, the saying holds true: alone you may go faster, but together you go further. The way to success requires the support of others — our mission is to connect you with people, initiatives, and opportunities that empower you. We’re here to give you the tools with which you will build your own success.

Successful Epitech


Founded by Solomon Hykes (class of 2006) and Sébastien Pahl (class of 2009), Docker is a solution based on software containers that has revolutionised the work of developers by automating it. They have raised several tens of millions of dollars in funding and their program is used worldwide.


Founded by Romain Combe, Fabien Linardon and Rémi Hillairet (class of 2017), Witick is a transport ticket purchase and validation application developed in the Bordeaux region. In 2021, they completed a second fundraising round of 1.35 million euros. The application is now deployed in various locations, including Bordeaux and Le Havre. 


Created in 2016 by Jean Lebrument (class of 2015) and Florent Malbranche, Brigad was initially a platform for connecting restaurant owners and independent professionals in the hospitality sector. They have expanded to other sectors such as retail, health and construction working with more than 5000 companies and 15 000 freelancers.


Founded by Bruno Lévêque (class of 2007), PrestaShop is one of the major players in e-commerce and has a worldwide community of over 1 million members. With nearly 300,000 sites already using its software across the globe, in 2020, PrestaShop sites generated more than 22 billion euros in online sales.


Created in 2014 by Dinh Nguye, a graduate of Epitech Technology (class of 2012) and two students from HEC Paris, Agriconomie has revolutionized the sector of product distribution for farmers.  The company, currently employs 70 people and achieved a turnover of more than 40 million euros in 2020, with a portfolio of more than 55,000 customers.


After selling his previous company, Printic, to the M6 Group, Benjamin Grelié (class of 2007) launched Posos in 2017. Posos is an artificial intelligence-based search engine that helps healthcare professionals find the most relevant medical information to combat medication misuse. In 2021, Posos was selected among the “100 Startups to Invest In” according to Challenge magazine.


In 2015, Flavien Hello (class of 2015) launched R-Pur masks for motorcyclists in collaboration with Matthieu Lecuyer (former HEC). With the onset of the Covid crisis, their revolutionary solution experienced a significant boom, enabling them to raise funds. R-Pur now collaborates with the French special forces, the military, and firefighters, and is currently expanding its business into the BtoB sector.


Vivoka is a final-year project from Epitech developed by William Simonin and Vincent Leroy. Since its inception in 2015, the startup now collaborates with major companies. It has become one of the leaders in France in embedded voice AI, with continually expanding industrial applications.


Born in 2005, the leading open-source IT supervision company pilots and measures the efficiency of digital infrastructures. It was conceived by Julien Mathis and Romain Le Merlus, class of 2005.


Launched in 2017 by a group of students including Jonathan Jean and Corentin Grandmaison (class of 2020), RailZ is a collaborative rail information application, a sort of “Waze for trains” as the press calls it.


Co-founded in 2019 by Jérémy Masbou (Epitech class of 2015), Lokki is a simple and “all-in-one” software for equipment rental companies. In 2021, the startup raised €500,000 enabling to accelerate the marketing of its solution and to develop new features to facilitate the daily life of rental professionals.

Tifo – Moneway

Romain Vermot and Benjamin Chatelain met during their time at Epitech Strasbourg, and it was then that they decided to disrupt the banking industry. Shortly after its creation, their neobank Moneway quickly raised a significant first funding round of €1,137,000. The two partners later founded Tifo, a comprehensive sports and financial management service for clubs and associations of all sizes.


In 2018, Camille Monjo and Darius Martin, two Epitech Montpellier alumni, founded ViaTransit, an application designed to simplify transportation opportunities through digital means. Incubated at the BIC of Montpellier, the startup won the Initiative Start’Up prize from the Rotary Club of Montpellier Méditerranée, which recognizes young entrepreneurs.


Founded by three Epitech students, Pierre-Marie Laguet, Maxime Bourgeois, and Kevin Leaderman (class of 2016), Blackfoot conceives innovative solutions to support companies in their transformation and open innovation initiatives. Leveraging their expertise in software and hardware, Blackfoot develops connected devices, drones, robots, artificial intelligence algorithms, and more.


Founded by Alexandre Malsch, Jérémy Nicolas and Jonathan Surpin (class of 2009), Melty was an EIP project before becoming a leading media group today among millennials. In March 2021, Alexandre Marsh launched Fulllife, the first clothing brand inspired by video game and e-sport culture.


Founded by several Epitech students including Pierre Rannou and Vincent Giersh (class of 2014), Online collaborative music notation software – Flat is a collaborative music score editor. With nearly 3 million users in 189 countries, Flat has revolutionized the way music is played and shared.

Our Tech Disrupter Alumni

Maxime Zopfmann

Head of IT at Bugatti

Studying at Epitech from 2008 to 2013, Maxime spent just over 10 years within the SEB Group (specialized in small household appliances) before taking on the prestigious role of Head of IT at Bugatti, the globally renowned French automotive manufacturer based in Molsheim, Alsace.

Niels Freier

Principal AI Engineer at Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

A graduate of Epitech in 2011, Niels Freier climbed the ranks across the Atlantic within a globally renowned company: the Boston Consulting Group. Starting as a Senior AI Engineer, he later held the position of Project Leader & Lead AI Engineer before becoming the Principal AI Engineer of the group in 2021.

Camille Fabreguettes

Engineer Manager at Datadog

A 2015 graduate of Epitech, Camille gained diverse professional experiences before settling at Datadog in 2021. Within this IT company founded by French entrepreneurs and listed on NASDAQ, our alumna initially held a position as a Software Engineer before advancing to the role of Engineering Manager.

Edwin Cabiten

Chief Information Officer (CIO) and IT Director Finance & Industry at OVHcloud

After completing his studies at Epitech, from which he graduated in 2014, Edwin quickly joined OVHcloud, the leading French web hosting provider in Europe. He began as a Software Engineer before advancing to the roles of Technical Manager, IT Director Industry, and finally CIO (Chief Information Officer) of the company.

Florian Guitton

Research Associate and Datacentre Operation Manager at Imperial College in London

After obtaining his degree in 2013, Florian headed to Imperial College London, where he pursued a Ph.D. in Philosophy, with a focus on Advanced Computing applied to Translational Research. He also serves as the Data Center Operations Manager at the prestigious British university and holds a position in Infrastructure Operation Management at the NHS (the UK’s public health service).

Léo Vallet

Senior Product Designer at Apple

Former student of Epitech Lyon from the class of 2019, Léo Vallet became the very first Product Designer at Apple in Los Angeles, despite having received a purely computer science education. Passionate about design and iOS development since his time at Epitech, he is now a Senior Product Designer for the iconic tech giant.

Sarah Schneider

Gameplay Programmer at Ubisoft

Who wouldn’t dream of a career in the gaming industry? A graduate of Epitech in 2016, Sarah initially co-founded Early Birds Studio, a startup that developed Play’n’Code, a video game for Mac or PC aimed at 8-12 year-olds to teach them the basics of programming. Later, she took the lead at Ubisoft, the renowned French video game publisher, where she has held the position of Gameplay Programmer since 2019.

Guillaume Durand

Head of Group Data & Artificial Intelligence fabric at Société Générale

Passionate about, among other things, artificial intelligence and data, Guillaume Durant gained diverse experiences after graduating from Epitech, including roles at Capgemini and Atelier du Chocolat. Currently, he serves as the Head of Group Data & Artificial Intelligence fabric for Société Générale, a position he has held for the past 4 years.

Corentin Demortier

Technology Specialist at Airbus

In 2019, Corentin, an Epitech graduate, embarked on his professional journey at Airbus, the European aerospace manufacturer located in the Toulouse region. Starting as a Software Programmer, he quickly advanced within the company and, by 2020, assumed the role of Technology Specialist.

Antoine Duong

Technical Leader at Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking (SGCIB)

Upon completing his studies at Epitech in 2013, Antoine joined SGCIB, the financing and investment subsidiary of Société Générale. Starting as a Software Engineer, he climbed the ranks within the organization and has held the position of Technical Leader since 2018.



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