Discover Epitech

One of the largest IT schools in France

Epitech is one of the largest IT schools in France, we have campuses all over France and abroad. We train technically excellent software developers who are not only able to master the IT concepts, but who also develop human skills in applying these concepts to the real world.

We welcome exchange students from over 100 international partners around the world for a semester, an academic year, or to participate in our Summer School. Exchange students have the opportunity to participate in all of Epitech’s signature pedagogical events such as the C Pool, the C++ Pool, and Moonshot.

At Epitech, we know that expertise in computer science is o nly one element to success. This is why, in addition to the “soft-skills” our students learn during their program, study abroad is a required component of the curriculum. We are always challenging our students to open themselves to change, adapt, and work with others, just as is asked of them in the professional world.

Epitech is all about staying current with the times. Our teaching model is modern, active, and unique, offering students a practical education which opens doors to employment opportunities comparable to those enjoyed by graduates from the Elite French Universities (the “Grandes Ecoles”).

Learning by doing

Epitech is all about learning by doing. By the end of your program at Epitech, you will have completed dozens of diverse projects using the latest technologies in the field of IT. The project-based learning method at Epitech creates a real-world learning environment that enables students to learn independently, understand business practices, work in teams, and convince decision-makers.

Instead of teaching technologies, Epitech teaches mindsets to build leaders, decision-makers, and critical thinkers. At Epitech, students lead with their own motivation and come up with their own answers. They are guided by expert advisors and peers. Instead of a classroom, project modules are organized by a unique process which intends to replicate theSURVIVAL professional environment.

This method has proven itself for 20 years: welcome to a world where you learn differently!

Epitech values

Epitech is all about developing an expertise, becoming a visionary and a leader;
the individual growing those around them just as much as themselves.


Always aiming higher


An Epitech Take on new challenges, seek out the other and that which is different.


Never forget that the team is stronger than the individual.