Discover Epitech

The premier school of IT expertise and innovation

In 1999, when society was only just starting to think about digital technology, Epitech was leading the way with its cutting-edge approach to IT and innovation, based on completely original teaching methods.

Choosing Epitech means living a unique experience. Autonomy, freedom, and creativity are the key words defining our school. Each profile is taken into careful consideration and our active, inductive, project-based learning style is adapted to everyone. We train dynamic IT experts who will become the leaders of tomorrow in innovation and information technology.

We welcome students from over 100 international partner universities around the world for a semester or full-year Exchange, or to participate in our Summer School Program. Exchange students have the opportunity to participate in all of Epitech’s unique events such as the C Pool, the C++ Pool, and Moonshot.

  • Established in 1999
  • One of the top it schools in France
  • One of the largest it institutions in Europe
  • Over 6000 students
  • 15 campuses in France and 5 abroad
  • Innovative learning approach
  • All courses in English
  • More than 10 000 alumni
  • More than 3 000 partner companies
  • More than 100 partner universities
  • More than 100 projects completed every year

Epitech, an IT school like no other

At Epitech we proudly display the colours of merit and motivation. Here, you don’t just learn how to be the perfect developer. First and foremost, you’ll need to know how to anticipate problems, find solutions and develop new skills by being exposed to other disciplines. We’ll teach you how to learn rather than repeat facts and carry out imitative or repetitive tasks.

A unique and active pedagogy that creates leaders

Epitech is all about learning by doing offering a teaching experience of excellence for all. Our innovative project-based learning method is founded on active and inductive learning. Students must seek out knowledge actively, by trying different ways to find the best solution.

In Epitech there are no courses, nor professors. Students achieve their goals with their own motivation and come up with their own answers. The classic “professor” is replaced by expert advisors and peers who guide them all along the way. Instead of the “classic university courses”, project modules are organized by a unique process which intends to replicate a typical professional environment. Through these real-life situations, students are led to exchange, discuss, and challenge their opinions which enables them to find the best solution.

In a nutshell, our teaching methods are designed to provide you with with both: high-level technical skills as well as essential soft skills. By the end of your program, you will have completed dozens of diverse projects using the latest technologies in the field of IT. Epitech’ learning methods will enable you to learn independently, understand business practices, work in teams, and become a good decision-maker.

Epitech values

Epitech is all about developing an expertise, becoming a visionary and
a leader that helps others grow while growing themselves.


Epitech students are always aiming higher.


At Epitech, we encourage our students to take on new challenges, to reach out to others and to dare to be different.


At Epitech we firmly believe that a team is stronger than an individual and that collaboration is the key to success.