My international exchange experience in Epitech – Interview with Juan José

Being part of the Epitech community has allowed me to connect with fellow tech enthusiasts and foster a collaborative spirit. Choosing Epitech as my study abroad destination has been truly transformative, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in such an inspiring environment.”



About Juan José

Meet Juan José Esquivel, a vibrant and ambitious international student hailing from Mexico, who embarked on a transformative study exchange program at Epitech. As a third-year Software Engineering student at TecMilenio University, Juan José’s love for sports, movies, music, and technology naturally led him to pursue a career in engineering and computer sciences. Now, he finds himself filled with joy as he studies his beloved subject in a foreign country, embracing new experiences and forging connections with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

At the age of 21, Juan José is embarking on a life-changing adventure, spending a semester abroad as part of his educational journey. This opportunity not only offers him a chance to broaden his knowledge but also provides a immersive cultural experience with unforgettable memories. Stepping outside his comfort zone, Juan José embraced the unknown, ready to grow personally and academically.

Join us as we delve into the life of Juan José, a determined Software Engineering student who shares his  study exchange experience in Epitech Toulouse.

Why Epitech was the Right Fit for Juan José?

“When I first heard about Epitech from a friend at school, I instantly felt it was the perfect fit. I had been studying French for a few years, and this was my chance to put it into practice while exploring new experiences. The program’s philosophy and structure, though challenging to adapt to, appealed to me. I admired the way Epitech pushes students to learn, study, and work diligently. I knew that by making the right choices and putting in the effort, I would gain valuable knowledge.

The hands-on approach, practical projects, and emphasis on problem-solving at Epitech were exactly what I was looking for. I appreciated the responsibility placed on students to succeed, as it instills discipline and perseverance. Despite the demanding nature of the journey, I am confident that the skills and experiences I gain at Epitech will greatly benefit my future career. Being part of the Epitech community has allowed me to connect with fellow tech enthusiasts and foster a collaborative spirit. Choosing Epitech as my study abroad destination has been truly transformative, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in such an inspiring environment.”

Exploring the Contrasts: Comparing Education at Home University and Epitech’s Unique Learning Methodologies

“The educational experiences at my home university and Epitech are undoubtedly distinct. At my university, I am accustomed to having a dedicated teacher who acts as a mentor and guide throughout each course. This close relationship makes it easier to establish a rhythm, tackle assignments, and solve any challenges that arise along the way. The support and guidance provided by my professors have been invaluable in facilitating my academic progress.

Experiencing a new learning model

In contrast, Epitech employs a different approach to learning. Here, the responsibility to excel lies solely in my hands. Each course is designed in a way that allows me to independently manage my workload and meet deadlines. While this may initially seem daunting, I soon realized that it offers an incredible level of freedom and autonomy. As long as I deliver my work on time, I have the flexibility to shape my learning experience according to my strengths and interests.

Epitech’s methodology places a strong emphasis on self-motivation and self-discipline. It encourages students to take charge of their education, pushing us to be proactive and resourceful in acquiring knowledge. This unique learning environment challenges me to be self-reliant, seek out resources, and develop effective time management skills.

One of the notable benefits of Epitech’s approach is the immense freedom it grants in terms of exploration and personal growth. By taking ownership of my learning journey, I have the opportunity to delve deeper into subjects that resonate with me and pursue projects that align with my passions. This hands-on approach not only strengthens my technical abilities but also nurtures my problem-solving skills and boosts my confidence in tackling real-world challenges.

Although the differences between my home university and Epitech are evident, both systems have their merits. The structure and guidance provided by my university offer a solid foundation, while Epitech’s self-directed approach fosters a sense of independence and adaptability.”

 Highlights of Juan’s experience at Epitech (on a professional & personal level) 

“During my time at Epitech, I had the privilege of experiencing numerous highlights that contributed to both my professional and personal growth. Among these, there were two key elements that stood out: the invaluable lessons I learned and the joyful moments I cherished.

On a professional level, Epitech provided me with a transformative learning environment. I discovered the importance of adapting to change and overcoming challenges that I hadn’t encountered before. This valuable lesson in resilience has proven instrumental in my professional development, equipping me with the necessary skills to go throught the ever-changing landscape of the software engineering field. The rigorous curriculum and hands-on projects allowed me to acquire practical knowledge and sharpen my problem-solving abilities.

However, the impact of my Epitech experience extended far beyond the professional aspect. Living in a completely different country, continent, and culture was a profound cultural shock. It forced me to step out of my comfort zone and adapt in ways I couldn’t have imagined. This immersive experience fostered personal growth, broadened my horizons, and ignited a newfound sense of curiosity and understanding. The friendships I formed with people from diverse backgrounds enriched my perspective and created lifelong connections.

Moreover, the joyous moments I experienced at Epitech are memories I will always cherish. The laughter shared with classmates, the camaraderie formed during collaborative projects, and the sense of accomplishment upon completing challenging assignments created a vibrant and supportive community. Together, we celebrated achievements, supported one another through difficulties, and created a welcoming and motivating atmosphere.”

Juan’s Favorites Things to do in Toulouse

“Toulouse offers lots of activities that have captivated my heart. From beautiful long walks along the Garonne River to vibrant nights at the bars in Saint Pierre, this city has a lot of experiences to offer. The countless museums scattered throughout Toulouse have enriched my cultural exploration.

While it’s challenging to pick just a few highlights, one activity stands out as a personal favorite: witnessing breathtaking sunsets with friends. Locations like Pech David or Port de la Daurade provide perfect vantage points to marvel at the vibrant colors painting the sky. Following these magical moments, we often head to Pathé Wilson for movie nights or gather at one of the many charming bars in Saint Pierre, indulging in lively conversations and unforgettable memories.

In Toulouse, the possibilities are endless, making each day an adventure filled with new discoveries and cherished moments.”

Exploring New Horizons: Juan’s Travel Adventures

During my time in the Occitanie region, I had the incredible opportunity to embark on various adventures and discover awe-inspiring places. From the picturesque Pyrenees mountains near Lourdes to the sunny beaches of Perpignan and Narbonne on the Mediterranean coast, the region offered a diverse range of destinations to explore. However, among all the remarkable places I visited, two destinations stood out as my favorites: Barcelona and Portugal.

Barcelona, with its iconic Sagrada Familia church, left an indelible mark on my heart. The city’s vibrant energy, architectural wonders, and rich culture made for an unforgettable experience. I was captivated by the blend of history and modernity which created a unique atmosphere.

But it was my journeys through Portugal that truly exceeded my expectations. From the breathtaking beaches in Lisbon and Porto to the beautiful castles of Sintra, Portugal was fascinating. Discovering the lesser-known aspects of this remarkable country was a revelation. During this trip, I was exposed to its rich history, charming landscapes, and warm hospitality.

These travel experiences allowed me to expand my horizons, delving into the depths of cultures different from my own. They provided me with a deeper understanding of the world and ignited a sense of wanderlust within me. The memories created during my travels will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Juan’s advice to our future international students

“For future international students considering Epitech and France, I have some valuable advice to share. Be prepared to face numerous challenges during your journey, but remember that each challenge brings its own rewards. The key is to keep trying and keep moving forward. It is through this determination that you will truly experience what Epitech and France have to offer.

Don’t be disheartened by the workload or the demands placed upon you. Instead, find joy in the effort you put forth and the lessons you learn along the way. As the saying goes, “nothing worth having comes easy.” Keep this mindset close.  Then you will be ready to embark on one of the most memorable and transformative experiences of your life.

Embrace the challenges, savor the rewards, and cherish the journey. Epitech and France hold incredible opportunities for growth, knowledge, and personal development. Stay motivated, stay resilient, and prepare yourself for the time of your life.”

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