Unlocking Global Opportunities: Epitech International Forum 2024

Epitech provides its students with an excellent education and unique international opportunities. In today’s globalized world, pursuing a high-level career, particularly in computer science, requires an international perspective. By joining Epitech, students choose a school that relies on a strong international network, full of opportunities. Consequently, our students spend their fourth year studying abroad.

Epitech’s diverse programs include four international campuses, numerous collaborations with global businesses, and partnerships with over 100 partner universities worldwide.

International Forum 2024 – Exploring the 4th Year Mobility Opportunities

From early March to late April, our international relations team visited each of our campuses in France to highlight the many exciting opportunities available for our students to study abroad. With four international campuses and partnerships with over 100 universities worldwide, we are dedicated to providing our students with a truly global education.

During the event, students had the chance to connect with our international relations team and explore the various programs and destinations available for their fourth year of study. The event was held on each campus on a dedicated day, ensuring everyone received personalized support and guidance for their international journey.

 “In their fourth year, mobility is a decisive step in our students’ journey, allowing them to gain invaluable international experience, broaden their horizons, and strengthen their professional and language skills. That’s why we focus so much on preparing for this step.

The Epitech International Forum is a key event in this preparation. It provides students with the opportunity to meet the international relations team and learn about the various study abroad opportunities offered by our partner universities worldwide and our own European campuses. The forum’s goal is to equip our students with all the necessary information to choose the destination that best suits them and to prepare their mobility project under the best conditions. We are proud to support our students in this crucial step of their personal and professional development.”

Katherine Safon (Regional Manager, Americas)

What our students say about the 2023 International Forum:

This afternoon’s event was interesting because, firstly, we had a very comprehensive overview of the destinations. More importantly, we also received essential information like the minimum GPA and the required level of English. Additionally, even though we couldn’t get details about all the countries offered, we were able to ask the three international coordinators questions about specific destinations. Finally, I found the closing activity quite insightful as it highlighted the cultural shock we might face during our fourth year!”

Antoine Grand (Student, Epitech Mulhouse)

“The international forum helped me understand the requirements for going to destinations in the fourth year and learn more about the partner universities. After the presentation, my parents and I took the time to talk with the international relations team, who answered all our questions. Personally, it reassured me and confirmed my initial choice of destination, Canada.”

Gautier Einsweiler (Student, Epitech Nancy)

This afternoon was very informative, providing explanations and advice to best prepare us for our fourth year abroad. Solène, Katherine, and Marianne, responsible for the Americas, Asia/Oceania, and Erasmus regions, gave us an excellent overview of this exciting adventure with great kindness and support. I really appreciated these discussions, which answered all my questions.”

Thomas Nagel (Student, Epitech Nancy)

“I found that this forum answered my questions about the choices we need to make at the beginning of the third year and provided clarity on the organization of the fourth year. Personally, I am interested in South Korea, and the International Relations team was able to answer my questions thoroughly, which reassured me about my choice.”

Guillaume (Student, Epitech Rennes)

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