Romanie’s 4th year study exchange adventure in USA

Romanie De Meyer, our student from Epitech Strasbourg, embarked on an extraordinary Tech4 journey to the United States, fueled by an inspiring discovery of coding at Epitech. In this article, Romanie shares her insights, experiences, and transformation during her student exchange in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Choosing America and California State University San Marcos

Romanie’s passion for IT blossomed at Epitech, redirecting her dreams from architectural engineering to the world of coding. Initially drawn to Epitech by aspirations of becoming an agent for the DGSE, her path evolved, and she now aspires to be a UI/UX specialist and a web/mobile developer. An anime, music, and dance enthusiast, Romanie set her sights on America and California State University San Marcos for her student exchange, seeing proximity to Silicon Valley as an opportunity to explore new horizons.

“Due to several factors, my dream gradually changed, and now I aspire to become a UI/UX specialist and work as a web and mobile developer.”

Arrival and First Impressions in the United States

Romanie’s arrival in America unfolded seamlessly. Starting in San Diego, where she enjoyed the beach and city exploration, she later settled in San Marcos for the academic year. Contrary to preconceived notions, she found Americans to be kind and helpful. An integration week organized by the school’s international service provided the chance to meet fellow international students, culminating in a memorable pool party. The vast university campus, akin to a small town, impressed Romanie with its numerous amenities, including a gym, library, sports fields, restaurants, shops, and houses.

“At the end of August, the international service of the school organized an integration week where I got to meet all the international students, which ended with a really great pool party that helped break the ice.”

Professional and Personal Grow

Romanie highlights the Californian sunshine and a warm winter as among her favorite aspects of her destination. Immersed in an English-speaking environment, she mastered the language and discovered innovative approaches to computing. Meeting inspiring professors and delving into a new culture enriched her academic and personal growth.

“I would say what I love the most here is the sunshine. It’s 20 degrees in winter, which is really great.”

Learnings and Transformations

Living away from family for an extended period taught Romanie valuable lessons in money and time management. Initially somewhat reserved, she gradually became more outgoing, navigating the challenges of making friends and fitting into a new environment.

“I’ve learned to live away from my family for a long period. I’ve learned to manage my money and time. I’ve also learned to be a bit more outgoing.”

Advice for Future Tek4 Students

Romanie offers practical advice for future students, emphasizing the importance of living in university dorms or having transportation for optimal engagement in university services and events. Additionally, she suggests planning the trip well and bringing warm clothes for winter, considering the rapid temperature drop in the evenings.

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