Understanding the Program

Presentation of the “historic” Epitech program, the “Grande Ecole” program Epitech’s higher education course takes 5 years to train IT experts. It offers a thorough and varied technical content, including a variety of programming projects, and covering many languages which will allow the student to approach all new technologies with serenity.

Welcome to one of our campuses in France or Europe

Exchange students from our international partner universities are welcomed to our Epitech campuses in Paris, Barcelona, Brussels or Berlin, for a semester or a full academic year.

Please note that other Epitech campuses in France may be considered by international students, on a case-by-case basis depending on the candidates’ profiles. For more information on this topic please get in touch with our International Relations Team here.

We offer:

  • A 100% English curriculum : All modules offered in English, taken alongside French local students and other exchange students
  • Computer Science Courses : Either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year level CS courses in an interactive, project-based learning environment
  • French as a second language courses : Take French as a foreign language and participate in cultural activities with other exchange students

Year 1 { Fundamentals } and autonomy

Beginning on the very first day of the famous Epitech C “Pool”, you will be immerged in the fundamentals of computer science. The concept of project-based learning teaches autonomy and the atmosphere of the Pool encourages teamwork and collective success. The rest of the year is dedicated to a series of projects. At the end of each semester, you will present your best projects and get used to explaining what you create.

1st year Course Topics

  • Information Technology culture
  • Development method
  • Algorithms


Programming Technique
  • System programming
  • Graphic programming
  • Scientific programming


Applying Programming Techniques
  • Information Security
  • Introduction to administration systems
  • Introduction to artificial intelligence
  • Introduction to web development

Year 2 { Design } and Teamwork

Exchange students can participate in the second half of the second year as the 2nd year students complete an internship during the first half and there are no modules. Beginning in January, the C++ Pool literally plunges you into code. Two projects (Indie studio and Zappy) conclude the second year. Via these projects, you will learn how to create a video game which integrates the most widely used current graphic motors and a complex simulation combining parallel programming and artificial intelligence. You’ll give presentations on each of these projects in order to summarize what you have learned over the past semester.

2nd year Course Topics

Programming Techniques:
  • Assembly
  • Advanced system programming
  • Shell programming
  • Advanced scientific programming
  • Oriented object programming
  • Functional programming


Applied programming:
  • Advanced information security
  • System administration and advanced networks
  • Real-time numeric analysis

Year 3 { Diversification } and innovation

The third year is key in the Epitech program as it focuses on information technology in different sectors of the professional world. You will be led to reflect in the way that information technology and your professional goals could be intertwined to create a concrete professional project and serve greater society. You will begin with the Moonshot, a series of conferences given by the best experts of a variety of domains. You’ll learn about the future challenges of information technology and current trends in the field as they apply to health, the environment, transportation, energy, retail, media, finance, and others.

3rd year Course Topics

Advanced programming: :
  • Compilation
  • Advanced functional programming
  • Scientific programming
  • Java
  • .Net
  • Advanced C++
  • Network programming
Technical modules
  • Mobile development
  • Advanced web development
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Information security
  • Dev Ops
  • Network Architecture

Academic calendar

These are dates for our traditional students and may change slightly from year to year. The international relations team will help you decide which level and dates best for you.

You have the option of choosing to study at Epitech for a semester or a full academic year:

  • 1st year program
    • Semester 1: End of September to late January
    • Semester 2: late January to beginning of July
  • 2nd year program*
    • Semester 2: January through March
  • 3rd year program
    • Semester 1: September through January
    • Semester 2: Late January through late May

*if you would like to take 2nd year courses you can attend Epitech for the spring semester only, or else take modules in the fall from either the 1st or the 3rd year according to your level and stay for a full year.