My study exchange experience in Epitech – Interview with Eunseo

Meet Eunseo Ha, a passionate student from South Korea, majoring in Industrial Information System Engineering at Soongsil University. Currently, she is immersing herself in a semester abroad at Epitech in Paris, a decision fueled by her desire to explore innovative teaching methods and deepen her understanding of programming.

Why Epitech?

Eunseo chose Epitech for its unique and innovative teaching approach that emphasizes collaboration, teamwork, and hands-on coding. Unlike traditional universities, Epitech operates without professors, fostering a self-directed study method that she believes is crucial for her future career in coding.

I chose Epitech because of its unique teaching style which cannot be found in other universities. Epitech encourages student interaction, teamwork, and hands-on coding, which appealed to me. Being keen on programming, I wanted a deeper study in the field, and that’s why Epitech became my choice.”

Differences in Learning Methodologies:

Reflecting on the disparities between her home university and Epitech, Eunseo points out the absence of professors at Epitech. Initially surprised, she now recognizes the value of learning by doing methodology, considering it a pivotal aspect of her preparation for the practical challenges she will face in her future work life.

Highlights of the Experience:

On both professional and personal levels, Eunseo found joy in the successful implementation of my_printf during the second pool. Witnessing the functionality of the code she developed with her team was an important moment, offering a glimpse into the intricacies of computer operations.

Beyond the academic aspect, Eunseo shares her favorite things to do in Paris:

 “My exchange in Epitech Paris was not just about studying; it’s about living and embracing the culture. The mere sight of the Eiffel Tower brought me immense happiness. These little moments, whether it’s indulging in a hot croissant or pain au chocolat in the morning, enjoying the nightview from Montmartre Hill, or exploring vintage shops in Paris, have made my time here unforgettable.

Exploring Beyond Epitech:

Eunseo seized the opportunity to travel during her study exchange, visiting Giverny and Versailles, with plans to explore Strasbourg. These experiences have added a cultural dimension to her journey, enriching her understanding of France beyond the classroom.

Eunseo reflects on her travels:

“I’ve traveled a bit. I’ve gone to Giverny, Versailles, and I’m planning on going to Strasbourg as well. Each place has its own charm and history, contributing to a well-rounded experience of French culture.”

Advice for Future International Epitech Students:

To future international students considering Epitech, Eunseo offers practical advice. Mastering the basics of the C language is essential, given the program’s focus on coding. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of seeking information proactively and continuously asking questions, as it proves to be a valuable survival strategy at Epitech.

Eunseo advises:

Knowing the fundamentals of the C language is important. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask the asteks for the information you need. Not being afraid to ask questions is key to thriving in the Epitech environment.”

In closing, Eunseo leaves a piece of wisdom for those embarking on a similar journey, “While coding is a significant part of the experience, don’t forget to explore the city, indulge in its offerings, and embrace the unique culture that Paris has to offer. It’s a balance that transforms your academic journey into a holistic adventure.”


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