Epitech campus in Paris

The Epitech Technology campus in Paris was the school's very first location and remains its most important site in terms of student numbers. This campus is one of the best-equipped higher education IT establishments in France. Its strategical location allows students a privileged professional development, in close connection with the Parisian and national French Tech.

The school has numerous workspaces, coworking and lounge areas. It also provides the equipment of the Epitech Innovation Hub, which is a privileged environment for enthusiasts who want to design innovative technological solutions. The Hub also gives them the opportunity to get in touch with major players in the digital and tech sectors, whose headquarters are often located in Paris.

This local proximity offers students privileged contacts with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Bouygues, Société Générale and many other major accounts that recruit them as interns or graduates. They are right next to the places where the future of IT and the best of positive innovation is made, such as: NASA Paris-Saclay, the Brain and Marrow Institute, Just One Giant Lab, without forgetting the biggest French "Tech for Good" community, Latitudes. It goes without saying that students who want to transform their projects into start-ups are helped by the school and its incubators/accelerators, which have been part of the Epitech ecosystem for years (Creative Valley, Station F etc.).

Student life is very active on campus thanks to the Student Life Associations and its network that offer numerous activities, workshops, events, etc. With more than 40 theme-specific associations, each student can find the one that suits them best! In addition, the administrative and teaching teams at Epitech Technology encourage student initiatives and give them all their support when they wish to carry out specific actions on campus.

Living in Paris

Also known as the City of Lights, Paris is one of the world's most beautiful places renowned for its culture and arts. Studying and living in France can be a life-enriching experience for students owing to the abundance of museums, theaters, parks, architecture, restaurants and idyllic cafes. In addition to its cultural splendor, it is also a popular destination for higher education among international students. Ranked for several years in a row in the top 10 best places to study in the world, the French capital is one of the most attractive destinations for students from all over the world. So, if you're looking for a quality education and an exciting place to live as a student, Paris is one of the best options for you.

But what makes Paris so attractive ?

Monuments and landmarks

Perhaps more than any other European city, the mere mention of Paris is synonymous with an abundance of world-famous features. From the iconic Eiffel Tower to the Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, to the Louvre and its gardens, there are many landmarks, museums and cathedrals to visit. You can find here a list with 50 unmissable attractions in Paris

French cuisine

Paris is a foodie’s paradise. As a nation of food lovers – popular for their bread, pastries, macarons and more – France is renowned for its fine dining and top quality cuisine. There are thousands of restaurants and cafés to suit every taste and preference. The Parisian food scene is unlike any other, whether you're looking for a popular Michelin-starred restaurant or a more typical place such as a crêperie.


Paris, being a cultural hub, is also a melting pot of different cultures. Living in a diverse city and a different culture, you will absorb all the skills and sensitivities that come from global living. This means that you will have no problem getting to know other people who are as far away from home as you are, even from your country of origin. This will also allow you to learn the differences and similarities between cultures and apply them in your everyday life. You’ll grow as a person since the experience of immersion will allow you to broaden your perspectives.

Nightlife in Paris

Paris is a fabulous city that benefits from a vibrant and varied nightlife scene. You'll find classy nightclubs, traditional cafes, music venues, and dive bars that are affordable and safe.

Situated in central Europe

France is situated in the very central part of Europe which allows students to travel all around France and also avail easy access to other European destinations. So, pack your bag and start new adventures!

Immerse yourself in the French language culture

During the program, you will be fully immersed in French culture. “Bonjour” will no longer be the only French word you know thanks to the French language classes you’ll take. Various cultural visits will be organized so you can discover the capital’s most iconic sites. And last but not least, you will have lots of fun as we’ve prepared many exciting activities for you to enjoy and remember!

For more information regarding things to do in Paris (where to eat, places to see and the latest cultural events) click here.