Exploring Quebec: Strengthening Partnerships and Embracing International Education

At Epitech, we believe in the power of collaboration and the transformative experiences that await our students through international partnerships. Recently, our colleague Katherine Safon (Regional Manager, Americas) embarked on a remarkable journey to Quebec, where she visited three prestigious partner universities: Université de Laval, Université du Quebec à Rimouski, and McGill University. These visits not only fostered stronger bonds between our institutions but also highlighted the incredible opportunities available through our 4th-year abroad program. Let’s dive into the highlights of these captivating adventures.

Université de Laval: Fostering Academic Excellence

Katherine’s first stop brought her to Université de Laval, where she had the pleasure of meeting Nadia Tawbi, the Director of the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering. Discussions revolved around our collaborative efforts and the university’s current course offerings. What sets Université de Laval apart is its commitment to personalized learning, allowing our students to tailor their course selection based on their unique profiles. This emphasis on individualized education aligns perfectly with Epitech’s values and ensures our students receive a comprehensive and fulfilling academic experience.

Université du Quebec à Rimouski: Embracing Innovation and Cultural Exploration

Continuing her journey, Katherine immersed herself in the vibrant atmosphere of Université du Quebec à Rimouski.She had the pleasure of exploring the campus alongside Nicolas Tremblay (the International Mobility Coordinator & International affairs) and Steven Pigeon (Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering). During this visit they engaged in extensive discussions about the course offerings. They explored several proposals, including introducing more advanced courses, and expanding the curriculum to encompass business, finance, and communication courses.

Collaborating with the faculty and staff, she discovered the university’s dedication to innovation and cutting-edge research. Our partnership with Université du Quebec à Rimouski allows our students to embrace a culture of curiosity and explore interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving. By engaging with the local community and diverse student body, our students gain a global perspective and strengthen their cross-cultural competencies.

McGill University: Academic Excellence in the Heart of Montreal

The final destination of Katherine’s Quebec adventure led her to the esteemed halls of McGill University in Montreal. Here, she had the privilege of meeting Derek Tannis, the Associate Dean of Student Success and Enrolment Management. The discussions revolved around deepening our collaboration and expanding opportunities for our students. McGill University’s commitment to academic excellence is renowned, and our partnership allows Epitech students to benefit from this exceptional learning environment. Exploring the vibrant city of Montreal, our students are exposed to a rich blend of cultures, artistic expressions, and technological innovation, further enhancing their educational journey.

Strengthening Partnerships and Enriching the Epitech 4th Year Abroad Program

These visits to Université de Laval, Université du Quebec à Rimouski, and McGill University showcase the profound partnerships we have cultivated. Through these collaborations, we strive to provide our students with unparalleled opportunities to broaden their horizons and gain international exposure. The 4th-year abroad program at Epitech allows students to immerse themselves in diverse academic environments, embrace different cultures, and develop a global mindset. By engaging with partner universities, our students not only expand their knowledge and skills but also form lasting connections and networks that shape their professional journeys.

Katherine Safon, who experienced the enriching visits firsthand, shared her thoughts, saying:

“These visits to our partner universities in Quebec have been truly inspiring. Witnessing the dedication to academic excellence, personalized learning, and innovation at each institution reaffirms the importance of our partnerships and the value they bring to our students’ education.”

The recent visits to Quebec’s esteemed partner universities showcased our commitment to fostering strong relationships and offering our students exceptional educational experiences. Through our 4th-year abroad program, we continue to create transformative opportunities, enabling our students to become experts in their field, ready to make a global impact.

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