My international exchange experience in Epitech – Interview with Maveen


What I really liked in Epitech was the diversity of the projects assigned. We had various projects to complete so I had the opportunity to explore new programming languages and work on different topics.


About Maveen

Maveen is a 2nd year student in computer science at the Cardiff University in the United-Kingdom. In 2022 he did his international study exchange in Epitech. He’s originally from Cashmere and he’s been living in the UK for the past 4 years. When we asked him why he chose to follow a path in computer science he said that he’s a versatile person having a wide centre of interests. At one point he was really into film & video editing, photography and cinematography; but since a young age he was interested in the science field as well so he believes a career pathway in IT was the most suitable for him.

Below we can find his full testimony:

Why did you choose to study in Epitech?  

In our second year we have the possibility to do a study exchange. I was very happy because I really wanted to have a study experience abroad. I first heard about Epitech in my home university when they have presented to us all the study abroad universities. I did some research and learned about its innovative learning methods. I thought it will be really interesting for me to come to this school and try another education system. Some of my friends who have already heard about Epitech they said that it is very hard, but this didn’t discourage me. I was also very interested in living in Paris. I have already travelled in the south of France before but I have never been in Paris and I tought it will be a nice experience for me. And I was right, I trully believe it was the best choice I could make. Epitech woke me up in a kind of way. It’s very challenging.

What are the biggest differences between education in your home university and Epitech’ learning methodologies?

EVERYTHING – In my home university the system education is more traditional, meaning we have teachers, lectures, exams etc. In Epitech we don’t have any of that. Everything is different and it was very interesting for me to experience a new education system.

For example, one of the big differences is that in Epitech we don’t have grades, but another grading system based on the completion of the different projects completed.

In my university we had project assignments as well but if the projects were not completed in the end, we were rewarded for trying, for attempting – In Epitech that’s not the case. We pass only if we complete the project.

Moreover, in Epitech we have a huge amount of projects; more than I thought is possible. In my university we don’t have as many, as we also need to assist lectures, pass exams etc.

Most of the projects were group projects and I really liked this aspect. It is more productive, helpful and collaborative.

What did you enjoy the most during your study exchange in Epitech?

What I really liked in Epitech was the diversity of the projects assigned. As I said, we had various projects to complete so I had the opportunity to explore new programming languages and work on different topics.

What is your best memory of this study exchange?

One of my best memories of this study exchange was when I visited for the first time the Basilique Sacre-Coeur. I remember it was a sunny afternoon, at sunset, and just being there admiring Paris from the up hill it was magical. The landscape was unreal. I really like Montmartre and it became one of my favourite spots in Paris.

I have also got the chance to travel during my study exchange. I visited Munich, Venice, Berlin, Koln, Nice, Lyon, Budapest and Amsterdam.

What did this experience has brought you? (on a professional & personal level)

This experience woke me up in a kind of way. I liked the project-based learning methods, but there are a lot of projects to complete. At first I thought it’s impossible to complete them all. We had to much workload… but this made me grow up. It was tough, but this helped me to surpass myself as it was one of the most challenging things I ever did in my life. It made me a better student, I guess. Now when I’ll return to my home university, it will be much easier for me to complete the assignments thanks to this experience. This exchange made me feel more confident that nothing is impossible. If I managed to complete as many projects as this year in Epitech I will do many other great projects in the future.

Do you have a funny story to share with us regarding the cultural differences between France and your home country?

Yes, there are many cultural differences. For example, in the UK when we walk in the streets it’s really easy to interact with people we don’t know. Everyone does it in the UK. Here is not the case. So, when I tried to interact with people in the streets, they taught I’m kind of weird.

If you could give some advice to our future international students, what would that be?

Be prepared- in Epitech you will work hard and it’s not easy; but at the end you’ll have a great feeling of accomplishment.  You’ll have to complete a lot of projects but if you are a hardworking person and you are motivated this is the perfect school for you.

Another advice I could give to future exchange students is to learn some basic French before coming to France. This will help them integrate more easily and interact with the locals.

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