Diana’s study exchange experience at Epitech

Meet Diana, a second-year Master’s student in Business Analytics and Big Data Systems at HSE University. Follow along as we explore her academic adventure at Epitech, where she shares a story filled with learning, cultural experiences, and student life in the heart of Paris.

Choosing Epitech:

Diana shares her insights into why she chose Epitech for her study exchange. Positive reviews from fellow students, the university’s distinctive teaching approach, and the welcoming atmosphere of the International Office all contributed to her decision. The allure of studying in Paris, a city renowned for its cultural richness, was an added bonus.Diana explains her choice, stating:

“I had heard positive reviews about Epitech from fellow students. The university’s distinctive teaching approach intrigued me, and the open communication style of the International Office was quite appealing. And, of course, it’s no secret that I was eager to study in Paris.”

Highlights of the Study Exchange:

Diana reflects on the most enjoyable aspects of her study exchange at Epitech, emphasizing the necessity for extensive communication to achieve project success. Interactions with both students and professors were marked by kindness and openness, creating a highly pleasant atmosphere on both professional and personal levels.

“The best parts of my study exchange at Epitech were working together on projects to achieve collective success. Interacting with fellow students and professors was marked by kindness and openness, creating a pleasant atmosphere.”

Parisian Delights:

Diana holds a special fondness for her cherished activities in Paris. While she doesn’t spill all the details, she happily discloses:

 “Exploring local markets and enjoying French pastries are my go-to activities in this beautiful city. Paris has truly become a delightful experience for me!”

Exploring Beyond Paris:

For Diana, exploring different places outside Paris was a must during her exchange semester. She expresses gratitude for the university-arranged trip to Strasbourg and recounts unforgettable visits to Marseille, Lyon, Etretat, and Nice. Additionally, she seized the opportunity to reconnect with friends in Vienna, Rome, and Budapest. Excited about future travels, she’s already securing tickets for Germany and the Netherlands.

Advice for Future International Students:

Diana offers valuable advice for future international students at Epitech, encouraging them not to be afraid and to make the most of the opportunity. She emphasizes trying different subjects, communicating openly with fellow students and professors, and embracing challenges without fear of failure:

“I encourage you to embrace this innovative learning approach and seize every opportunity it brings. Be open to exploring different subjects, engage in meaningful communication with fellow students and professors, and most importantly, don’t let the fear of failure hold you back. Trust that everything will fall into place!”

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