Leticia’s study exchange experience in Epitech

About Leticia

Meet Leticia, a passionate third-year Software Engineering student from the lively city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Specializing in Front-End development at PUC Minas University, Leticia’s journey in Epitech is a captivating blend of tech and cultural discoveries.

Choosing Epitech

Leticia’s choice for Epitech emanates from its innovative learning methodology. The absence of conventional classrooms, replaced by practical projects, appealed to her learning style. Paris’s cultural richness served as an additional allure, making Epitech the perfect setting for her academic adventure.

“I chose Epitech because of its innovative learning approach, emphasizing practical projects over traditional classrooms. This aligns perfectly with my belief that true learning happens through hands-on experiences. Additionally, the allure of Paris and its vibrant culture made Epitech an irresistible choice for me.”

Educational Contrasts

Reflecting on the differences between her home university and Epitech, Leticia emphasizes the unique pedagogical approach at Epitech. This new learning experience stood out compared to her university in Brazil, where practical projects were present but not as prominent.

“The distinctive learning approach at Epitech, without traditional classes and professors, sets it apart. While my university back home includes practical projects, the intensity and focus on practical learning here are truly refreshing.”

Highlights of the Study Exchange

Leticia’s study exchange in Paris proved to be enchanting both professionally and personally:

“The enchanting experience of living in Paris was truly magical. Meeting fellow exchange students allowed me to forge deep connections and gain insights into different cultures. Professionally, delving into C language and lower-level programming was a significant learning curve, enhanced by daily practice of English and French.”

Parisian Delights

When asked about her favorite pastime in Paris, Leticia shared that:  

“‘Promenade,’(leisurely walk) undoubtedly. Paris’s beauty is omnipresent, and each corner reveals historical marvels and charming parks. Exploring museums, especially with free entry, was great. And, of course, enjoying coffee at the local boulangeries adds a delightful touch to my Parisian routine.”

Exploration Beyond Paris

Leticia’s adventurous spirit extended beyond Paris to small French towns and international destinations like London and Switzerland. Her plans for more travel experiences showcase a commitment to exploration and discovery.

“In France, I ventured into charming small towns like Versailles, Fontainebleau, Auvers-sur-Oise, and Giverny. Beyond France, my travels took me to London and Switzerland, with more exciting trips on the horizon.”

Advice for Future International Students

Drawing from her experiences, Leticia advises future international students to prepare for hard work, particularly in the initial month. While encouraging seeking help when needed, she emphasizes the supportive community for both administrative and academic challenges. Leticia underscores the importance of fully embracing the French experience—immersing in culture, forming connections, and savoring the beauty of Paris:

“Be ready for a challenging first month; hard work pays off. Don’t hesitate to seek help; there are amazing people ready to assist with administrative and academic matters. Most importantly, fully immerse yourself in the French experience, make new connections, and relish every moment of your stay in Paris.”

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