Anastasiia’s Study Exchange Experience in Epitech

About Anastasiia

Meet Anastasiia Beginina, a third-year Software Engineering student from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree at ITMO University, Anastasiia embarked on a transformative study exchange adventure at Epitech in Paris.

Choosing Epitech:

Anastasiia’s decision to study at Epitech was fueled by a dual passion – a fascination with Epitech’s project-based education approach, emphasizing proficiency in fundamental programming languages like C, and an enduring love for France, particularly for Paris.

It was a strategic decision for me. Epitech’s innovative approach to education, coupled with the opportunity to live in the heart of Paris, made it the perfect choice for both academic growth and the realization of my long-held aspirations.”

Highlights of Anastasiia’s Epitech Experience:

On a personal level, Anastasiia cherishes the multicultural interactions at Epitech. Exploring diverse cultures through conversations about languages, childhood movies, national cuisines, and holidays has been a source of immense joy. Professionally, she conquered complex projects in C, overcoming the challenges of the notorious ‘pool,’ which significantly enhanced her programming capabilities and project management skills.

From a professional standpoint, I successfully completed intricate projects in C, such as analogues to ‘ls’ or ‘printf,’ which I previously found challenging. While I have mixed feelings  about the notorious Cpool (which is really challenging), one certainty remains – it significantly enhanced my proficiency in C programming and relieved any concerns I had about starting big projects.

Epitech student working

Anastasiia’s Favorites in the City of Lights

Anastasiia finds joy in the simplicity of sightseeing, reveling in Paris’s timeless beauty. Galleries and museums became her havens, providing a cultural immersion that extended beyond the classroom. “Picking up croissants while honing my French skills turned into a charming routine, bringing an extra layer of sweetness to my time in Paris.” she shared.


Anastasiia’s Travel Tales

Anastasiia’s study exchange wasn’t confined to the classroom. She explored the scenic landscapes of southern France, discovering the charm of Marseille, Nice, and Lyon. The picturesque city of Etretat in Normandy and a solo journey to Italy, exploring Rome and Florence, added diverse chapters to her European adventure.

Advice to Future Epitech Explorers

Anastasiia imparts valuable advice to future international students:

  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant city life but remember to also relax.
  • Initiate projects early, considering the intricacies of the testing system.
  • Embrace the extracurricular activities; they are opportunities for enriching experiences.


Anastasiia’s time at Epitech Paris perfectly reflects the mix of academic success, cultural exploration, and personal growth. Her perspective provides a sneak peek for future students into the amazing experiences they can expect at Epitech.

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