Mihai’s Epitech Journey: Growth, Discovery, and Lifelong Bonds

About Mihai-Iulian

Meet Mihai-Iulian Paduretu, a third-year Creative Media and Game Technologies student at Hanze University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. Beyond his love for game development and specialization in level design, Mihai enjoys history, cooking, and listening to music, especially hip hop and jazz. He’s also a fan of movies, with Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino being his favorite directors.


“I live and breathe video games; when I’m not developing them, I’m either playing them or dissecting anything related to game design theory.”

What led you to choose Epitech for your study exchange?

Game development is like a complex puzzle, with numerous pieces that have always piqued my curiosity, especially programming. When my university presented me with options for my exchange, Epitech stood out. Why? Because they’re all about learning by doing, not drowning in theory. I was looking for a semester where I could dive headfirst into the programming scene and level up my understanding of this crucial part of game development. Plus, I saw a chance to gain insights into the work of my coding teammates and synchronize my skills with the broader game-making process.

How’s Epitech’s teaching vibe different from your home uni?

Adjusting to Epitech’s style was a breeze since my home uni is also into practical learning. But here, it’s even more hands-on. No traditional classes, no teachers. It’s all about learning from peers. I was skeptical at first, but turns out, it’s super effective. Learning with classmates not only boosts your skills but also builds some solid friendships.

Any standout moments during your Epitech journey?

For sure! On the professional side, I got a grip on programming in C, which is a big win. Personally, meeting incredible people from around the globe was a highlight. Plus, living in Paris meant endless exploration in a city that never gets old.

What about your favorite things to do in Paris?

Paris is a gem, no doubt. I loved soaking in the city’s vibe, from famous landmarks to hidden spots. And don’t get me started on the food – coming from the Netherlands, where the food scene is so-so (sorry Netherlands!), French cuisine blew me away!

Serene moment at Louvre Gardens where people leisurely relax, surrounded by the city's timeless beauty.

Did you venture beyond Paris during your exchange?

Absolutely! Exploring other parts of France was a must. I really liked Bordeaux – different from Paris but equally stunning. And the wine? Unforgettable!

Any advice for future international students at Epitech?

The “CPool” is intense, no doubt. But don’t get discouraged—dedication can get you through it. It’s not for everyone, and I wasn’t a big fan, though I see its merits. Once it’s done, you’ll have invaluable C programming knowledge. Post-pool, keep working hard on projects. While the exchange is for fun and culture, don’t forget the main goal: study and learn. Plan projects weekly to stay on top of things, and consistency is key. You’ve got this.

In a nutshell, Mihai’s journey at Epitech is like leveling up in a game – filled with challenges, exploration and building epic friendships.

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