Lyvia and Hugo’s Study Exchange Experience in South Korea

Join us on a captivating journey as we meet Lyvia Mallereau and Hugo Humez, two passionate Tech4 students from Epitech, embarking on an unforgettable study exchange at Keimyung University in South Korea. With dreams of pursuing careers in the world of video games, Lyvia and Hugo found themselves drawn to the rich cultural experiences and academic offerings that South Korea had to offer. In this article, they share their motivations, first impressions, cherished moments, and invaluable advice for future Tech4 students considering a similar adventure.

Choosing South Korea for the Study Exchange

Why did you choose South Korea and Keimyung University for your student exchange?

Lyvia: “Keimyung seemed like the perfect destination for me as its courses align with my aspirations for a career in the gaming industry. While European campuses offered similar programs, I wanted to challenge myself and immerse in a completely different culture. South Korea felt like the definition of adventure, and I yearned to push my boundaries far from the familiar.”

Hugo: “After attending a winter school in South Korea, I fell in love with the country’s culture and traditions, sparking a strong desire to return. Keimyung University’s game-oriented courses presented an ideal opportunity to explore game development in a new and exciting environment.”

First Impressions of South Korea and Keimyung University

What were your initial impressions of South Korea and the university?

Lyvia: “Upon arriving in South Korea, the language barrier was apparent, as not many Koreans spoke English fluently. Nonetheless, the people were incredibly kind and helpful. I was deeply touched when a stranger at the train station assisted me with my luggage without expecting anything in return. Keimyung’s university experience was warm and welcoming, with fellow students and mentors supporting our integration and campus exploration.”

Hugo: “Surprisingly, South Korea has aspects that reminded me of the United States, such as the vast roads in Seoul. In terms of language, finding English speakers in the capital city was relatively easy due to the presence of students and tourists from different countries. Keimyung University felt like a mini-city with a variety of amenities, offering a campus life akin to the American style.”

Highlights of the Study Exchange

What did you enjoy the most during your study exchange, both personally and academically?

Lyvia: “Professionally, the exchange allowed me to enhance my English language skills, and the coursework equipped me with valuable expertise for my future career and personal projects. On a personal level, every day in South Korea unfolds new surprises—whether it’s exploring the culture, monuments, or bonding with local friends. The journey has been enriching and inspiring.”

Hugo: “The exchange exposed me to a diverse and inclusive academic environment, allowing me to work on ambitious game projects and adopt a project-based learning approach. The warmth and friendliness of Koreans during my experience were heartwarming. Additionally, the sense of security I felt while living in South Korea was unparalleled, providing a peace of mind in daily life.”

Transformation and Growth

What has this study exchange brought to you personally and professionally?

Lyvia: “Personally, the experience has been a dream come true. Exploring a new culture in a country I’ve always wanted to visit has been delightful. The different perspectives on work and life have made me reflect on my own motivation and work ethic. Professionally, the skills acquired at Keimyung will significantly contribute to my future career and personal projects.”

Hugo: “This exchange has boosted my independence and organization skills, as adapting to a new country and language requires careful planning. The experience enriched me culturally, providing a greater sense of maturity and self-awareness. In terms of technical growth, working on more ambitious game projects has given me invaluable experience and insights into the gaming industry.”

Words of Advice for Future Tech4 Students

What advice would you give to future Tech4 students considering a study exchange in South Korea?

Lyvia: “Learn some basic Korean before arriving—it will be highly appreciated by the locals and enhance your overall experience. Be mindful of the courses; while Keimyung focuses on games, some subjects might require more effort than others. Embrace the culinary adventure as Korean dishes can be spicy but incredibly diverse. Lastly, take the time to explore the country; South Korea offers a mix of modernity and tradition that is truly captivating.”

Hugo: “I strongly recommend learning the basics of the Korean language—it will open doors and create memorable connections. Embrace the spicy and diverse Korean cuisine—it’s a delight. Plan your finances and insurance carefully as some costs might be higher than in Europe. Take advantage of South Korea’s excellent public transport and proximity to other countries for exciting travel opportunities. Most importantly, cherish this experience; it’s a chance for personal growth and unforgettable memories.”

Lyvia and Hugo’s study exchange in South Korea has been a transformative journey, both personally and professionally. Their passion for game development led them to a world of discovery, cultural immersion, and newfound perspectives. As they continue their academic and personal quests, Lyvia and Hugo leave an indelible mark on Keimyung University and South Korea, forever cherishing the memories and invaluable experiences that have shaped their futures.

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