“Innovation Week” Epitech Barcelona – A total success

During the first 2 weeks of February, EPITECH Barcelona organised the Innovation Week, an open event through which our students held workshops on different topics related to technological innovation. Some of the topics that were addressed during the sessions included how to create a chatbot with SocketIO or how to create your own Blockchain network.

From an academic perspective, these workshops held by and for our students allowed them to address both: current issues in the field of innovation and technology, as well as developing soft skills, which are of utmost importance for their future careers. Innovation Week has been marked by creativeness, enabling our students to use different tools, languages and technologies that revolve around the cutting edge of technological innovation.

Addressing new challenges

In this context, the development of mobile applications was one of the main topics that were tackled. Since the first day, the Flutter 1 framework (a working environment that facilitates the applications building process), was developed. Topics such as Android Studio, Application Protocol Interface using NodeJS or Unity, were also on the agenda, among others.

At the end of the week, a JAM – challenge was held, based on the theme “success”, during which students developed a project, tackling topics raised during the week. In this context, students had the possibility to build mobile applications using WebRTC, Android Studio or video games using Unity. In addition, two other topics were tackled such as IT security and Blockchain, both being at the top of every web developer’s list of interests nowadays.

The main drivers of this initiative have undoubtedly been the students. Angel, a second-year student of bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, relates that:




It was very interesting to have taken part in this year’ Innovation Week”. One of the modules I enjoyed the most, was the Node JS, as this knowledge will allow me to carry out future projects related to web development. Moreover, I would be happy to participate as a teacher in the future edition of the Innovation Week.”

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