Healthcare, climate, economy, society… How to build a better future? – Epitech 2022 Moonshot Throwback

From 5th to 16th of September, our 3rd year students immersed themselves in a two-week period of brainstorming that marks the starting point of the innovation cycle and their graduation project – The Moonshot.

The Epitech 2022 Moonshot was dedicated to the following themes: healthcare, climate, society and economy.

Like every year, the start of the 3rd year of “Epitech Technology’s Grande Ecole” program was inaugurated by a brainstorming pool of innovative and concrete projects: the Moonshot. For this year edition, students were able to attend various round tables, organized around the major current themes such as : climate, healthcare, economy and society.

Innovative projects to address future challenges

The objective of the Moonshot was to push students to brainstorm innovative ideas that will lead them to the development of their Epitech Innovative Project (EIP).

During two weeks of intense brainstorming, students were encouraged to work on projects addressing the current and future societal challenges. They have also participated to different conferences and discussions led by the teaching teams alongside experts from different sectors .

Round tables program

The students were thus able to attend round table sessions organized in Epitech Technology Paris and broadcasted live in all the 14 other campuses. It was an opportunity for them to meet experts in these sectors, with whom they also had the opportunity to exchange through several Q&A sessions.

This year’ s roundtables tackled subjects such as:

  • Climate: Is “IT part of the solution or part of the climate problem? Discussion with Emma Scribe, director of major investors at Time for the Planet and Richard Hanna, head of the interdepartmental digital sustainability mission at MiNumEco.
  • Healthcare:AI everywhere, doctors nowhere: is this really the future of healthtech?” Discussion led by Quentin Matheus, exploration and organization design at Low-Tech Lab, and Adrien Beata, Co-Founder and COO at Hublo.
  • Economy:Tech drift: are digital leaders really showing us the way?Discussion led by Dan Geiselhart, founder of Climax, Tech Transh & Courriel, and Theo Alves da Costa, co-chair of Data for Good.
  • Society: With great power comes great responsibility: what if tech was more than just a tool? Discussion led by Marion Graeffly, co-founder of TeleCoop and Augustin Courrier, co-founder of Latitudes.

” During the Moonshot we’re getting to the bottom of things and exploit all the possibilities “

These themes, highly relevant to our current situation, have inspired our students.

” Covering several themes for which we were not necessarily prepared make us to challenge ourselves and get out of our comfort zone “. Ramsford, student in Epitech Mulhouse

“I learned a lot about the topics discussed during the conferences and round tables (…). It was also an opportunity to share our ideas, interact and create a dynamic between us. The topics discussed were very constructive. Having the chance express ourselves was very enriching as well.” Roxane, student in Epitech Toulouse

“It was a very busy week, but the topics were all very interesting.” Maxence,  student in Epitech Nancy

“During the Moonshot, we are challenged the moment we have an idea or a sketch of an idea, to dig deep into all possibilities. It’s always interesting to keep this process in mind for our final project.” Arnaud, student in Epitech Mulhouse

After a first week dedicated to defining various problems, during the second phase of the Moonshot students had to brainstorm for solutions that will outline their final project.

Afterwards, the students define their idea and choose the group within which they will work on for the last three years of their studies. The analysis tools offered by the Moonshot must guide them towards a real, societal problem to which they need to provide a concrete and achievable solution.

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