Epitech International Forum – 2023 Edition

Epitech offers its students excellent education with unique international opportunities. In a globalized world, a high-level career – especially in computer science – cannot be envisioned without an international dimension. Joining Epitech Technology means choosing a school that relies on an international ecosystem, rich in opportunities for its students. Therefore, the fourth year of our students is held abroad.

Through the diversity of the programs offered, there are currently four Epitech Technology campuses abroad, conventions and partnerships with the business world internationally, and more than 100 partner universities.

International Forum 2023 – Exploring the 4th Year Mobility Opportunities

From late March to mid-April, our international relations team visited each of our campuses in France to showcase the many exciting opportunities available for our students to study abroad. From our 4 international campuses to our partnerships with more than 100 universities worldwide, we’re committed to providing our students with a truly global education.

Throughout the event, students had the chance to connect with our international relations team and learn about the different programs and destinations available for their 4th year of study. With a dedicated day for each campus, everyone had the chance to get personalized support and guidance on their international journey.

In the fourth year, mobility is a decisive step in the journey of our students, allowing them to gain invaluable international experience, broaden their horizons, and strengthen their professional and linguistic skills. That’s why we consider preparing for this mobility a top priority.

The Epitech International Forum is a key event in this preparation because it provides students with the opportunity to meet the international relations team and discover the various study mobility opportunities offered by our partner universities worldwide, as well as by our own European campuses. The aim of the forum is to provide our students with all the necessary information so they can choose the destination that best suits them and prepare their mobility project under the best conditions. We are proud to support our students in this key step of their personal and professional development.”

Oriane Reynaud, Head of International Relations in Epitech

What our students say about the 2023 International Forum:

“This presentation is a crucial part of our curriculum at Epitech, providing us with valuable and practical information to help us navigate our future with ease.”

(Lucas, a second-year student at Epitech Marseille.)

“I found this forum to be incredibly valuable as the beginning of the third year and the time to make crucial choices quickly approach. It’s important that all students have a clear understanding of their future opportunities and are equipped with essential information about the steps they need to take before and during the selection process to make informed decisions that align with their aspirations. Additionally, the one-on-one interviews provided personalized guidance for any concerns or questions about university choices.”

(Axel, a second-year student at Epitech Nantes)

“It’s fantastic that they start engaging with us as early as our second year. I personally found it incredibly helpful that they were readily available to address any questions or concerns I had.”

(Edgar, a second-year student at Epitech Montpellier)

“The event provided me with valuable insights into the selection and administrative procedures related to the 4th year. I learned about important dates for submitting applications, as well as how to plan for expenses, arrange for insurance, and prepare necessary travel documents such as passport and visa. These details have helped me confirm my current choices and begin better preparing for the upcoming year. Knowing that we are well-supported and guided by the team has also helped me feel more confident and at ease.”

(Théo, 2nd-year student at Epitech Marseille)

“I found it very informative that they emphasized the practical aspects and things to remember before leaving. Thank you, I feel reassured and ready to go!”

(Maxime, 2nd-year student at Epitech Montpellier)


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