Embracing Mexico: Pierre’s Transformative Study Exchange

Meet Pierre Dubosq, a passionate Epitech student whose love for computers started with video games and blossomed into a fascination with understanding the intricacies of programs and web development. As part of his academic journey at Epitech, he embarked on a study exchange adventure that took him from the vibrant city of Barcelona to the enchanting landscapes of Mexico. In this article, Pierre shares his experiences, reflections, and heartfelt advice for future Tech4 students considering the same university and destination.

Choosing Mexico for the 4th Year Study Exchange

Pierre, why did you choose Mexico and TecMilenio University for your student exchange?

After spending an enriching year in Barcelona as a part of my 3rd year of studies in Epitech, I felt a strong connection to Hispanic culture and language. I was drawn to the warmth, friendliness, and joy of everyday life in Spain. For my tech4 exchange, I wanted to explore something different while still being close to the Hispanic culture. I considered Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. Since I had plans to travel to South America, I decided on Mexico. TecMilenio University appealed to me because the courses were taught in the local language, providing me with an immersive experience to enhance my language skills.

Arrival in Mexico and First Impressions

How was your arrival in Mexico, and what were your first impressions?

Arriving in Mexico during the sweltering August heat was quite a change from the warmth in France. However, what immediately struck me was the emphasis on security. Signs at the airport warned against using unapproved taxi companies, and it made me cautious. Nevertheless, the friendly people and their resourceful nature were evident from the start. My foreign accent drew the attention of some students at the university, and they were quick to welcome me, offering to show me around the city and introduce me to Mexican sports and cuisine.

Highlights of the Study Exchange

What did you enjoy the most during your study exchange, both on a professional and personal level?

The best part of my study exchange was immersing myself in Mexican culture. The warm and welcoming nature of the people, their pride in their country, and their openness to the world created an unforgettable experience. Discovering Mexican cuisine, especially the local specialty, “carne asada”, was a treat. On a professional level, the exposure to a different approach to web and software development enriched my knowledge and skills.

A Journey of Transformation

How has this study exchange experience transformed you?

My time in Mexico opened my eyes to a different world. While some clichés about the country were partly true, I also witnessed the resilience, resourcefulness, and pride of the Mexican people. It made me appreciate a different way of life and view the world with a more open-minded perspective. The experience has left an indelible mark, and I find myself yearning for the warmth and camaraderie I experienced there.

Advice for Future Tech4 Students

What advice would you give to future Tek4 students studying in the same university?

Going abroad is an incredible opportunity to embrace new experiences and cultures. However, each country has its unique characteristics and challenges. For those considering Mexico, I recommend being attentive to security, both regarding personal safety and environmental factors. It’s essential to adapt to the local way of life, be open to new norms, and cultivate resilience. Embrace the Mexican culture, make friends with locals, and cherish the warmth and kindness that the people exude.

As Pierre concludes his Mexican study exchange experience and returns to Epitech, he leaves behind a piece of his heart in Mexico. His study exchange was not just about academics; it was a transformative journey that enriched his personal and cultural perspectives, leaving him forever inspired by the vibrancy of Mexican life.

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