Eliott’s Study Exchange Experience in Indonesia

Meet Eliott, a 21-year-old student from Epitech Nantes. For his fourth year of studies, Eliott embarked on an exciting adventure to Jakarta, Indonesia, to study at Binus University. In this article, Eliott shares his motivations, impressions of Indonesia, delightful travel experiences, and the valuable lessons he has learned during his study exchange in a culturally diverse country.

Choosing Indonesia for the Study Exchange

Eliott, why did you choose Indonesia and Binus University for your study exchange?

“Initially, my first choice was South Africa as I wanted to experience a warm country with a different culture from Europe and a lower cost of living. Unfortunately, visa uncertainties led me to be reassigned to Binus University in Indonesia, which also offered an exciting cultural experience, diverse lifestyle, and an opportunity to explore new places.”

First Impressions of Indonesia and Binus University

How was your arrival in Indonesia, and what were your first impressions?

“My first impression of Indonesia was a wave of warmth when I stepped out of the airport, even during the night. The minimum temperature here is around 28 degrees Celsius, which is fantastic for me. Jakarta is bustling with people and traffic, but the abundance of greenery compensates for it. The locals are incredibly kind, and although English isn’t widely spoken, we manage to communicate and bond with them. Adapting to the Muslim lifestyle was initially challenging, especially the early morning calls to prayer, but I’ve grown accustomed to it. Indonesia’s diverse culture and cuisine, especially the spicy dishes, are fascinating. Regarding the university, the professors and students are much more relaxed and friendly compared to France.”

Memorable Experiences During the Study Exchange

What have you enjoyed the most during your study exchange in Indonesia, both personally and professionally?

“My most cherished experiences during my study exchange have been my travels. Exploring Jakarta with its museums, monuments, and vibrant old town has been enlightening. There are numerous activities to indulge in, such as visiting zoos, amusement parks, or even the turquoise waters of the northern islands. The sheer number of malls in Jakarta is also a unique experience, with some of them worth exploring. I’ve had the opportunity to visit various cities on the island of Java, Bali, and Lombok, each offering a distinct environment from the urban Jakarta. Additionally, fulfilling my dream of visiting Singapore for my birthday was truly unforgettable. Indonesia has an abundance of breathtaking places to explore, and I can talk for hours about the places I’ve visited and still wish to see before returning to France.

On a personal level, I’ve met amazing international students with whom I’ve spend unforgettable moments during different activities and trips we’ve organised. I really hope we’ll stay in touch when I will return to France.”

The Transformational Impact of the Experience

How has this study exchange impacted you personally and professionally?

“The experience has significantly improved my English skills, as I practice it almost daily in various situations. It has also ignited a newfound passion for travel and vlogging. Exploring classrooms at Binus University with the freedom to choose my courses has made learning much more engaging and enjoyable.”

Advice for Future Tek4 Students

If you could give advice to future Tek4 students studying in the same university/destination, what would it be?

“My first advice would be to pack light. Joking aside, if you choose Indonesia for the opportunity to explore and learn, you are in the right place. Binus University offers flexibility and accessibility, and although most courses are theoretical, you can find the subjects that interest you without intense workload. Living in Jakarta requires adapting to a different lifestyle and being open to new experiences and cultures. Embrace the change and you will have a fantastic experience. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to study in a country so far away and different from France.”

Eliott’s study exchange in Indonesia has been a life-changing journey filled with exploration, cultural immersion, and unforgettable experiences. His passion for coding led him to embrace a new way of life and develop a profound appreciation for diverse cultures. As Eliott continues his adventure in Indonesia, he leaves behind valuable lessons and cherished memories, forever grateful for the chance to study in such an extraordinary country.

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