Mylo’s Study Abroad Experience in Lithuania

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and professional growth, Mylo Jeandat, our 4th year student from Epitech Nancy, shares his transformative study abroad experience at Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) in Lithuania. From stumbling upon his passion for IT to venturing into the heart of Europe for specialized courses in front-end development, Mylo takes us through his unique journey filled with cultural exploration, and personal development.

How Mylo discovered his passion for IT?

Mylo stumbled into the world of Information Technology somewhat unexpectedly. After getting curious about post-bac studies, he thought, “Why not give Epitech Nancy a shot?“. There, he found out that IT opens up endless opportunities. What really grabbed him is the idea that you can take a project – be it an app, a game, or a software – and see it come to life. Mylo is especially into front-end development, enjoying the process of creating good-looking interfaces for apps, websites, and software.

Finding the Perfect Study Exchange Destination

I picked Lithuania, specifically Kaunas, because VDU offers fascinating courses in front-end development, aligning perfectly with my specialization interests. Additionally, Lithuania being a compact Northern European country translates to remarkably affordable plane or train/bus tickets, making it super convenient for exploring Europe. The one-hour time difference from France also turned out to be quite handy, allowing me to stay connected with my family, friends back home, and my EIP group without much hassle. » Mylo, says.

Mylo’s arrival in Lithuania

Mylo’s solo journey to Lithuania marked his first foray into independent travel:

My arrival went well, although it was the first time I’d travelled alone. During the first days upon my arrival, I immersed myself in the integration week organized by the university, a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow students and explore the city. They organized a variety of activities which allowed me to acquaint myself with the university and its various buildings, adding an extra layer of excitement to the beginning of my journey.”

Building Confidence and Embracing Cultural Diversity:

Reflecting on his time abroad, Mylo emphasizes the immense personal and professional growth:

What I appreciated most about my time abroad was that I gained self-confidence, particularly in my ability to manage change, misunderstandings and the unexpected. But I’ve also improved my English, which is also a very big plus point. On a professional level, I really enjoyed the various courses I took, which will serve me well in the future. And personally, I’ve been able to travel a lot and meet some wonderful people who I’m going to stay close to for a long time.

Highlights of the Study Exchange

Mylo’s journey went beyond technical skills, encompassing a holistic learning experience:

Outside of class, I picked up some real-life skills. I became more independent, figuring out how to handle things on my own in a foreign country. My English improved, but that’s not the only takeaway. Meeting different people and exploring new spots broadened my view of the world. It wasn’t just about computers; I also dived into a beautiful, though somewhat tricky, language. Learning about Lithuania’s history and checking out other countries during my fourth year was an eye-opener. And let’s not forget the amazing landscapes and places I stumbled upon – they made the whole journey even more.”

Practical Tips for Future Adventurers:

The first piece of advice I’d give is to take warm clothes, because winter and cold weather come really quickly here! Bringing a toboggan might be a good idea, because there’s a lot of snow in December and January. The courses are interesting, but don’t forget to make the most of them because this fourth year could be the perfect year to do some travelling, whether it’s to the surrounding countries or Lithuania itself! It may be a small country, but it’s full of things to see and places to visit. Castles, churches, beautiful towns, and the Hill of Crosses. What’s more, I’d advise future students coming to Lithuania to try Lithuanian specialties, such as Cepelinai, pink soup (with beetroot) or Džiugas (a Lithuanian cheese).

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