DestiNations Day 2024: Embracing Global Opportunities at Epitech

In the 4th year at Epitech, students dive into a transformative phase focused on international experiences. The agenda unfolds with the opportunity for a semester or an entire year abroad, allowing students to explore and immerse themselves in the vibrant academic environments of our European campuses or esteemed partner universities worldwide.

On January 24, 2024, Epitech students gathered for an exciting occasion – DestiNations Day. This event marked a significant moment in their academic journey, revealing their destinations for their upcoming 4th-year abroad.

Insightful Workshops

DestiNations Day kicked off with an online conference organized by the Epitech International Relations Office at 10 am. Expert professors, Behta NADJI (Educational Coach in Epitech) and Tarja Chydenius (Senior Lecturer of English, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland), led workshops on “Cultural Competencies” and “Intercultural Communication,” setting the tone for a day of exploration.

Campus Celebrations

In the afternoon, local campuses organized diverse events, including talks, conferences, delicious buffets, and insightful testimonials from Tek4 students, each campus bringing its unique touch to the celebration.

The day reached its peak with the unveiling of the 4th year destinations, adding an extra layer of excitement and paving the way for future international opportunities.

DestiNations Day wasn’t just an event; it was a practical and exciting step into the global aspects of education at Epitech. As the echoes of this event linger, we would like to congratulate our students for their 4th-year placements! Their journey into global education has just begun, and we eagerly anticipate the incredible experiences and achievements that await them in the coming year.

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