Arthur’s Study Exchange Experience in Argentina

Meet Arthur, our 21-year-old student from Epitech Marseilles. Currently, he finds himself in the beautiful city of La Plata, Argentina, where he is embarking on his fourth year of IT studies at Universidad Nacional de La Plata . Arthur’s journey into the world of IT began during high school, where he felt the need for a more flexible and personalized learning experience. This led him to Epitech, a place that not only granted him the freedom to manage his own schedule but also introduced him to the diverse and captivating world of information technology. As Arthur explored various IT domains, he discovered a deep passion for front-end development, fueling his dreams of becoming a front-end developer or a visionary web designer in the future.

Choosing Argentina

“Choosing Argentina for my student exchange was a decision influenced by two strong desires. Firstly, I yearned to immerse myself in the Spanish language, which I had earnestly learned during my schooling days. Argentina’s unique accent and colloquial expressions presented an exciting challenge, and I was eager to put my language skills to the test in a real-world setting. Secondly, my heart longed to experience the vibrant culture of South America, and Argentina, with its rich history, mesmerizing landscapes, and warm-hearted people, offered the perfect opportunity to fulfill this dream.”

Arrival and First Impressions

“When I arrived in August 2022, I was greeted by a stark contrast to the familiar comforts of my hometown. Argentina welcomed me with chilly temperatures, ranging between 2 and 7°C, which was quite a departure from the warmer Mediterranean climate I was used to. Additionally, I quickly discovered that the Argentinian Spanish had its own unique nuances, with different accents, altered pronunciations, and speedy speech that occasionally omitted last letters. Adapting to the local lingo and customs took some effort, but the warmth and friendliness of the Argentinian people made the integration process smoother than I had anticipated. The journey of assimilation had begun, and I found myself forming meaningful connections with new friends who helped me navigate this foreign yet fascinating land.”

Embracing the Study Exchange

“My study exchange proved to be a remarkable experience on both professional and personal levels. On the academic front, I relished the courses offered, where IT and mathematics intertwined to unveil fascinating concepts like logical gate equations and Turing’s machines. The knowledge I gained was invaluable, and I had the privilege of connecting with helpful peers who assisted newcomers like myself in navigating the academic terrain. Personally, La Plata, with its compact size and proximity to everything, swiftly became a cherished home away from home. The local gastronomy, especially the invigorating mate tea, became a delightful indulgence. While I haven’t embarked on extensive travels yet, I have fervent plans to explore the breathtaking cities of Argentina, including Iguazu, Ushuaia, and Salta.”

Learning and Growing Experiences.

“This enriching experience in Argentina has been a journey of profound personal growth. As I adapted to living independently in a foreign country, I honed essential life skills such as budget management, communication in Argentinian Spanish, and problem-solving. My language proficiency received a significant boost as I engaged in conversations, honing my speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills in Spanish. Above all, I cherished the friendships I forged, an invaluable treasure that will remain with me for a lifetime. The journey has taught me to rely on my resourcefulness, adaptability, and resilience to navigate new challenges.”

My Advices to Future Tech4 Students

To all future Tech4 students destined for La Plata, Argentina, I have a bounty of advice to share:

  • Opt for a Free mobile package to ensure seamless internet connectivity.
  • Bring cash in euros and convert it locally but refrain from using credit cards for payments.
  • Create a Western Union account for convenient money transfers and easy collection of pesos.
  • Consider residing in a student residence to meet like-minded individuals who can become lifelong friends.
  • Stay mindful of the summer months (from November to February) and be prepared for both heat and the mosquito population.
  • Set aside ample time to explore the breathtaking beauty that Argentina has to offer.
  • Above all, savor every moment of this extraordinary exchange and embrace the enriching experiences that await you!

Arthur’s study exchange in Argentina has been an incredible journey of self-discovery. Exploring the vibrant streets of La Plata, his love for IT and front-end development has flourished, merging personal growth with diverse cultural experiences. Armed with newfound knowledge, cherished friendships, and a deep sense of achievement, Arthur eagerly looks forward to whatever the future has in store on this exciting adventure.

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