Gabriel’s Study Abroad Adventure in Denmark



This entire experience has been a profound learning journey in almost every aspect of my life. From personal growth to academic enrichment, it has provided me with invaluable insights and skills that will undoubtedly shape my future endeavors.”







About Gabriel

The experience of studying abroad opens up a world of possibilities, offering students a chance to immerse themselves in diverse cultures and educational environments. For Gabriel Griffin, a passionate 21-year-old IT student hailing from EPITECH Nantes in France, this opportunity presented itself as a transformative chapter in his academic journey. Currently, Gabriel finds himself amidst the enchanting landscapes of Denmark, pursuing his fourth year of studies at Roskilde University.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, and later relocating to France in 2010, Gabriel’s fascination with coding began when he discovered the wondrous art of transforming lines of text into computer magic. With an insatiable appetite for knowledge, he was naturally drawn to the vast world of Information Technology, where continuous learning is not just a feature but a way of life.

The allure of the IT field lies in its boundless potential to create, build, and innovate. For Gabriel, the thrill of shaping ideas and concepts into tangible realities became increasingly captivating. Two particular domains that captured his heart were game development and AI—areas that have the power to redefine how we experience technology in the modern era.

I believe the journey of a programmer never truly ends” Gabriel remarks, his eyes gleaming with passion. “It’s a perpetual expedition of learning and discovering new horizons. That, to me, is the essence of IT—the ever-evolving quest for knowledge.

As he delves into the depths of his academic pursuits at Roskilde University, Gabriel’s aspirations extend far beyond the classroom walls. His dreams take flight towards becoming part of a dynamic team of developers within the vibrant realm of start-ups. With a spark of ambition in his eyes, he envisions a future where his expertise and skills will not only contribute to innovative projects but perhaps even lead others toward groundbreaking achievements.

But it’s not all work and no play for this spirited young scholar. When he’s not deciphering intricate coding challenges, Gabriel finds joy and relaxation in sports and music. A true advocate of an active lifestyle, he savors the thrill of competitive sports, finding camaraderie and joy on the field. On the other hand, music becomes a sanctuary where he can unwind and let his creativity flow, either through listening to soul-stirring melodies or producing harmonies of his own.

As we follow Gabriel’s journey during his study abroad experience, we catch a glimpse of how this young French IT enthusiast embraces life in Denmark—cultivating new friendships, exploring cultural nuances, and broadening his perspectives beyond borders.

Finding the Perfect Study Exchange Destination

When I was considering where to study abroad, I had a wishlist of Nordic countries, including Sweden, Netherlands, and Denmark. I heard that these countries had a high quality of life, but Denmark stood out as my top choice. It was known for being student-friendly and English-speaking, which appealed to me.

What really intrigued me about Denmark was their unique concept of happiness called “Hygge.” It’s all about finding coziness and comfort indoors, enjoying a hot drink, and spending time with close friends. I couldn’t wait to explore this aspect of Danish life during my study exchange.

My arrival in Denmark

My arrival in Denmark was on August 15th, just two weeks before the start of the semester. On that day, we could finally get the keys to our student housing. Roskilde University had everything well-organized for incoming exchange students, including a Foundation Course. This course aimed to introduce us to the campus rules and lifestyle. It lasted a whole week and consisted of morning seminars and fun social activities in the afternoons. It was an amazing opportunity to meet everyone and quickly forge strong friendships.

Getting acquainted with Danish culture was surprisingly easy. The transportation system was straightforward, especially after purchasing a travel card from Copenhagen station. Grocery stores were conveniently located just a few hundred meters away from campus, and the university was always ready to assist with anything we needed. One important thing I learned was that exchange students staying for more than 3 months were required to obtain an ID number, and the Foundation Course helped us navigate through much of the administrative paperwork.

During my time here, I’ve made friends from all around the world, and the local Danish students have been incredibly welcoming. The warmth and openness of everyone I’ve met have made my experience in Denmark truly unforgettable.”

Balancing Personal and Professional Life Abroad

” The campus here is quite spacious, but it didn’t take long for me to get the hang of navigating around. The teachers are really enthusiastic, and the facilities are modern, which makes studying here a great experience. Another plus is the cafeteria with its affordable prices, perfect for students like me. Moreover, the student association is constantly organizing various activities, parties, and themed nights, keeping us entertained and engaged.

One remarkable thing about Denmark is how most people effortlessly switch to English when you approach them, and they are always polite and friendly. Thanks to the efficient transportation system, my friends and I have been able to explore not only Denmark but also made a trip all the way to Sweden. I’ve been fortunate to visit stunning national parks, cliffs, and even reached Grenen, the northernmost point of Denmark. It’s been an incredible adventure so far, blending personal and professional experiences in a foreign land.”


What this experience brought to Gabriel

“This experience abroad has truly amplified my sense of independence and thirst for knowledge. Living alone in a cozy room with a kitchenette, yet being part of a close-knit community with access to a shared kitchen, has taught me valuable life skills. I’ve embraced the art of adaptability, navigating through a new educational system, from the course formats to the grading system.

My academic journey here, along with my work for EPITECH, has been instrumental in keeping my coding and problem-solving skills sharp. The courses have been intellectually stimulating, and the challenges I’ve encountered have further honed my abilities.

In essence, this entire experience has been a profound learning journey in almost every aspect of my life. From personal growth to academic enrichment, it has provided me with invaluable insights and skills that will undoubtedly shape my future endeavors.”

Gabriel’s advices to our future tek4 students

To all future tek4 students considering studying at Roskilde University, I have some valuable advice based on my own enriching experience. First and foremost, if you plan to study here, apply for on-campus housing as early as possible. While you can find accommodation in Trekroner, Roskilde, or even Copenhagen, living on-campus has its perks. It not only saves you from additional expenses but also allows you to fully immerse yourself in the vibrant campus life, where you can easily join parties and kitchen gatherings.

Another crucial recommendation is to register for the Foundation Course without hesitation. This course equips you with essential tools for settling into life in Denmark, and more importantly, it’s a fantastic way to meet new friends right from the beginning.

Lastly, embrace every opportunity for social gatherings, parties, activities, and outings with an open mind. Saying “yes” to these experiences has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my journey. It’s through these connections and adventures that I’ve made lifelong friends and created unforgettable memories.

Studying abroad at Roskilde University has been an incredible chapter in my life, and I hope my advice will help you make the most of your own adventure in Denmark. Be proactive, open-minded, and ready to seize every opportunity that comes your way. I assure you, you won’t regret it!

Gabriel Griffin’s study abroad adventure in Denmark has been a profound and transformative experience. From immersing himself in a new culture to excelling in his academic pursuits, he has embraced every opportunity for growth and learning. His valuable advice to future students emphasizes the importance of being proactive, open-minded, and embracing social experiences. As we bid farewell to his inspiring journey, we are reminded of the incredible rewards that studying abroad can bring, leaving a lasting impact on one’s life and perspective.

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