International Week 2022

During their 4th year, our students have the opportunity to study abroad in one of our 120 partner universities around the world or in one of our European campuses – Epitech Brussels, Epitech Berlin or Epitech Barcelona.

From 7 to 10 November our 3rd year students have participated to the International Week and discovered all the mobility options for their next year abroad.

During the event, they met and discussed with our International Relations team members and learn more about the different universities where they could study abroad next year. Moreover, they had the chance to interact with our International Ambassadors (Epitech students who are currently studying at a partner university) and ask them different questions regarding their experience abroad. And finally, they assisted to various presentations of our partner universities from all around the world.

It helped me to make a decision

“I attended the conferences and found it very interesting and useful, it helped me a lot to decide which university to choose for my 4th year abroad. The speakers provided all the information I needed and answered all the questions I had. At the beginning I was hesitating between 2 options and thanks to these conferences I was able to make my decision.”

Yann Joubert, 3rd year student in Epitech


“This November hundreds of students and dozens of Epitech international partners participated in the first International Week hosted by the International Relations Office. Our goal was to make the 4th year experience abroad seem a little more concrete for our 3rd year students.  We have provided them as many real-time resources as possible in order to make their final 8 choices, which they will have to do in January. The dozens of partner presentations allowed them to get a better idea of what makes each of our partners unique. We also hosted 4 advising sessions categorized by region of the world and involved our Tech4 international ambassadors.  They gave short presentations about their destinations and answer questions about what it’s really like to be abroad. One of the sessions was specially dedicated to the 3 Epitech European campuses, during which current Tech4 students gave their impressions on the 4th year program there. We were happy to be able to make this week-long event accessible to all 20 of the Epitech campuses and to our ambassadors and partners around the world as the event was coordinated fully online. We hope that the students finished this International Week excited about the prospect of their fourth year and with a much better idea of which universities are the best fit for their personal, academic, and professional goals.”

Katherine Safon Regional Manager, Americas

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