Epitech European Week

During the European Week, which took place from 25 to 29 April, our students had the opportunity to meet the 3 European campuses representatives during online conferences and to discover the culture and culinary specialties of each country through dedicated events organised on all campuses in France. The objective of this event is stimulating: to highlight the different mobility opportunities for 2nd and 3rd year students.

Discovering the European mobility opportunities 

During the European Week, our 1st and 2nd year students took part in online conferences and learned more about their different mobility opportunities on our European campuses. During these presentations, they had the opportunity to exchange with the directors of the European campuses and ask all their questions relating to European mobility.

Cultural and culinary events

During the Europe Week, different cultural and culinary events were organized on all Epitech campuses in France. On the agenda: cinema evenings featuring specific films of each country and typical food tasting of each region.

Our European campuses

Epitech Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital city of the region of Catalonia in Spain and the country’s second most populated city after Madrid, with a population of 1.6 million. Its urban area extends beyond the administrative city limits with a population of around 4.7 million people, being the seventh most populous urban area in the European Union. It is the largest city on the Mediterranean Sea.

Moreover, Barcelona is one of the top 15 safest cities in the World and one of the ten most appealing cities in the world for launching a digital business.

The city has more than 100 tech companies, more than 1200 startup headquarters (6th largest hub in Europe) and is the 5th largest investment hub in Europe.

Epitech Technology Barcelona campus has been forming tailor-made partnerships with companies. This approach helps us place innovation at the heart of different economic sectors.

« The year I spent in Barcelona was revelatory for me. It’s a city where life is good and not only because of its sunny weather! Peaople are friendly, the city is beautiful and the atmosphere is festive. Regarding the IT sector, Barcelona is a real hub of innovation, bringing many opportunities. A growing number of start-ups are settling there and they are looking for new talents.»

Hugo Walbecq, Epitech Technology 2019 promotion

Epitech Berlin

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and a real dynamic metropolis with a population of 3.7 million people. With its unique vibe, its thriving cultural scene, its rich history, including its diverse architecture, Berlin is one of the most renowned cities in Europe.

Berlin is the city of artists and creators. You can feel the creative vibe of Berlin every day in its streets, its artists and its start-ups. The city has indeed a strong international community and attracts a large number of international students. Berlin itself is a diverse city with many faces, each district having a distinctive personality. This is one of the things which makes Berlin such a great destination for students, as there will always be a part of the city to suit you and so much to discover.

Berlin has excellent opportunities for tech professionals to begin their careers with a growing tech sector and innumerable exciting opportunities from start-ups to major companies. Epitech Berlin, at the heart of this booming city and its tech sector, offers advanced courses from excellent instructors with real-world entrepreneurial experience that will help you to get started your own projects.

« Berlin is amazing! The city is full of parks, places to visit and the atmosphere is truly unique! Each neighbourhood has its own identity. The job market is rich and combines start-ups and world-renowned companies. A developer position will always be waiting for you there! »

Thomas Kauffmann, Epitech Technology 2021 promotion

Epitech Brussels 

Brussels – the Belgian and European capital – hosts all the major EU institutions and is home to a huge diplomatic corps, making the city the second most important center of diplomatic relations in the world. Brussels is also one of the greenest capitals in Europe, with green spaces totaling 50% of its surface, as well as the forerunner of key initiatives in climate change, eco-innovation, energy performance, waste production and management, etc.

Brussels will invest 292 million euros in Cybersecurity for its “digital Europe” program, with the objective of “safe and sustainable infrastructures”. Epitech Brussels is also a partner in the “cybersecurity challenge” with the European company Nviso. Its Hub is equipped with a 3D printer, VR set, various equipment to experiment with the IoT, etc.

Given the growing recognition of its capacity to innovate, Brussels is a strong contender for places to launch a startup. Its strategic location, the welcoming entrepreneurial environment and the international mindset make an unbeatable combination, especially if your plan is to make an impact and are committed to succeed internationally.

« I learned a lot during my year in Brussels, on a professional and personal level. I was accompanied by an inspiring and demanding management team. If I were offered to renew my 4th year in Brussels, I would sign without hesitation. »

Lucas Obadia, Epitech Technology 2020 promotion

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