Become an IOT and AI expert – Apply for Epitech & Algebra Joint Study Programme in Computer Science

The future of IoT if propelled with AI has the potential to be limitless. Advances to the industrial Internet will be accelerated through increased network agility, integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and the capacity to deploy, automate, orchestrate, and secure diverse use cases at hyperscale. The potential is not just in enabling billions of devices simultaneously (through 5G and other new networks) but leveraging the huge volumes of actionable data which can automate diverse business processes. As networks and IoT platforms evolve to overcome these challenges, through increased capacity and AI, service providers will edge furthermore into IT and web scale markets – opening entire new streams of revenue.

Through almost 3 years of intensive cooperation, based on years of experience in implementing graduate programmes and extensive consultations with students, staff and partners, Epitech and Algebra University College have developed a joint graduate study programme in Computer Science specialized in Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

As there is a real need for IT developers in the European labour market and some countries are facing a labour shortage in this field, the programme is funded by the European Union and addresses an important issue allowing international students to actively engage in real-world and personally meaningful IT projects.

Therefore, the program is designed for students who wish to acquire all the necessary skills required for understanding IoT and AI, including data science and full-stack IoT developer roles, from the design and implementation of smart solutions to data analytics and hardware management, as well as communication protocols, Cloud-based backend APIs and data/big data storages. The programme will enable students to specialise in IoT and AI related areas such as: home automation, environment, healthcare, smart city, smart agriculture, data-empowered products and services, AI enabled assistant services and similar fields.

With our programme being “crossbreed” between Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, strongly exploiting data being collected and generated by IoT devices, we are sure that there will be market space for our programme as well as for its graduates. Using synergies between EPITECH’s project-based didactics and entrepreneurial approach to engineering and Algebra’s strength in software engineering and data science (both in terms of teaching and research), we created modern programme which should be able to compete with provision of best European higher educational institutions.”

Algebra University College

For more detailed information about the program and the prerequisite for enrolling click HERE.

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