ESME & EPITECH Summer School 2022 – Make you own robot

From July 4 to July 22, Epitech Technology in partnership with ESME will launch the 2022 Summer School edition. Both schools have combined their strengths to offer a brand-new program in robotics including many exciting projects. In compliance with the pandemic situation and regulations, the programme will be offered both on-site and online, thus providing the opportunity to participate to all students who wish to do so.


During the programme, students will be immersed in the exciting world of robots and will learn how to develop their own robot, in Paris or at home.

Epitech Technology, one of the best computer science schools in France, offers a project-based learning approach that sets the standard for IT education in the country. Combined with ESME engineering school’s multidisciplinary expertise in a variety of new technology sectors, this Summer program will bring the best of innovation, passion for technology and robotics. Students will learn about electronics, robotics, creative coding, CAD, digital art and digital Manufacturing; and all in an original and informal way, while having lots of fun.

Our program encompasses intensive courses and practical workshops led by our experts as well as survival French and intercultural workshops. Students will also get the chance to explore Paris, discover different innovation and new technologies hubs, and meet with the French experts in the Robotics world.

Over the course of three weeks, participants will study and work with their teammates in a creative and inspiring environment, having free access to our cutting-edge technologies (3D Printers, Laser Cutters, Digital Pen Plotter, Connected Objects, etc.).

At the end of this program, all students will be able to program, assemble and design their own robot.

Exploring Paris & experiencing the French way of living

During the summer school participants will learn exciting new things but they will also have lots of fun. Many cultural activities will be part of the Summer School program.

The onsite program is ideally located at the heart of Paris. The participants will wander in the historical city centre and will pass next to the Eiffel Tower every day. Various cultural and fun activities are planned throughout the 3 weeks. Students will discover the famous monuments of Paris and will be immerged in the French way of living. Moreover, thanks to the French classes offered they will acquire fundamental language proficiency and “bonjour” will no longer be the only French word they know.

The online program offers as well different cultural and team building activities organized virtually, such as: French classes, team building event(s), intercultural workshops and more.

Isn’t it exciting?

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