Exchange students

Exchange students from one of our international partners are welcome to one of 7 Epitech campuses for a semester or a full academic year.

  • Paris
  • Montpellier
  • Toulouse
  • Nantes
  • Barcelona
  • Brussels
  • Berlin
We offer:
  • A 100% English curriculum
    • All modules offered in English, taken alongside French local students and other exchange students
  • Computer Science Courses
    • Either 1st or 3rd year level CS courses in an interactive, project-based learning environment
  • French as a second language courses
    • Take French as a foreign language and participate in cultural activities with other exchange students

The Epitech Experience

Epitech is all about learning by doing. By the end of your program at Epitech, you will have completed dozens of diverse projects using the latest technologies in the field of IT.
The project-based learning method at Epitech creates a real-world learning environment that enables students to learn independently, understand business practices, work in teams, and convince decision-makers.

Epitech values


We guide our students towards the best of innovation and share with them a desire to change things and disrupt the world that surrounds us.


An Epitech student is constantly developing, unattached to any sort of preestablished order. Our students propose ideas, insert themselves, propel themselves, construct, develop... this initiative propels the individual but also the collective Epitech student body


At Epitech, we value independent and autonomous thinking. Instruction provides guidance for students and to give them the best foundation possible to build their future. Each student takes his unique path according to their own style and interests.


Epitech is a multitude of diverse profiles and teaching methods. Because no one student is alike, each student is able to customize any given module at Epitech according to their own interests and needs.


We believe in the group dynamic ! At Epitech, students are inspired by the world around them but they also inspire each other, pulling each other higher, sharing their ideas, their hopes, to build their future together.

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