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Head of International Relations
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Epitech-UHA Partnership

  • Epitech and the University of Haute-Alsace (UHA) signed an agreement in autumn 2014, setting out their shared lines of action in the field of entrepreneurship.
  • For Epitech, the partnership gives its students access to a Master’s in Project Management diploma course, a useful academic addition to Epitech’s training, which would take its place after the 4th year.
  • This course is open to international students by written application.
  • As well as the Graduate Diploma in Information Technlogy awarded by Epitech, international students will thus be able to obtain the Master’s in Management Sciences, a Project Management specialisation of the University of Haute-Alsace.


About the program

Master’s in Management Sciences, the UHA’s Project Management specialisation

  • Introduction and aims
    This specialisation responds to a growing need to train managers who are able to plan and manage industrial, services-related or cultural projects. The development of project-based organisation in many public organisations and private companies indeed requires project team managers to have advanced skills.
    This specialisation requires a teaching method focusing on learning by doing, through real-life projects. To this end, the UHA develops partnerships with businesses, regional CCIs and the Centre Européen d’Entreprise et d’Innovation Alsace (Alsace European Business and Innovation Centre) as part of their mission to help with the creation of new and innovative businesses. The idea is also to create a technology transfer tool in the field of Management based on specific areas of expertise. The aim is to build an innovative way of acquiring, exchanging and developing Management knowledge. Therefore this is a double specialisation.
    The challenge is to offer an architecture that allows for a diverse range of incoming (and therefore outgoing) student profiles, while certifying the Master’s level for the various targeted professional circles. Technology transfer is the expression of a diverse range of profiles on offer within a defined area of competency: Project Management.
  • Expertise and skillsIn addition to general managerial skills, the following skills are acquired during the course:
    Mastery of assessment, planning and project management tools;
    Leadership, or the ability to motivate, involve and make people work together, and learn to make better use of their own skills;
    Relational skills, because the project manager is the main point of contact for the internal functions but also customers, suppliers, and various partners;
    Capacity for anticipation and decision-making in unpredictable or antagonistic situations;
    Understanding of markets and technologies.
  • Occupational integration
    Information Systems Project Manager; Industrial Project Manager; Research & Development Project Manager; Innovative Business Founder.
    There are career opportunities in the following industries: Industrial companies, large or medium-sized; Commercial enterprises that promote or wish to promote international expansion; Service companies (banks, consultancy firms, international trading companies, etc.); Local authorities, public and parastatal bodies. The course offers the skills needed by entrepreneurs, particularly in small or medium-sized companies.
    Considering that starting a company is a project in itself, it makes sense to combine this training with entrepreneurship training for students wishing to start their own business.

Interaction with the Epitech curriculum

In order to obtain the UHA Master’s, as well as the modules required to earn the Epitech diploma, international students will have to pass the “Information Systems Management” major, which will be taught by UHA teachers. The UHA modules will be taught on the Epitech campus during the second year of study at Epitech.

Terms and conditions of admission

  • International students interested in this double course must express their interest in their first-year application to Epitech.
  • Admission to the programme is based on selection by written application, which must be submitted to Epitech’s international office during the first year of study at Epitech.
  • Only candidates who have completed a Bachelor’s in computer science in their country of origin, as well as the compulsory modules needed to validate the first year at Epitech, are eligible.
  • The final decision to admit the student to the program will be made at the end of the first year of study at Epitech.


About the UHA

The University of Upper Alsace has around 8,000 students: 6,300 students in Mulhouse and 1,700 in Colmar.
The university has a strong career focus because it has always known how to successfully build active partnerships with various socio-economic circles. This results in a large number of vocational courses, from DUT (technology degree) to doctorate, through engineering diplomas. It also enjoys strong support from local authorities. The characteristics of “proximity and openness” are therefore the two keywords of its identity.
Innovative, multidisciplinary, and an important player in the construction of the regional higher education and research space, the UHA is a stakeholder in the excellence of Alsace.
The University of Haute-Alsace is partner with the University of Strasbourg. Thanks to this partnership, all degrees delivered by UHA have a double mention (Unistra & UHA).

For more information about the University of Haute-Alsace:

Please refer to the following website: www.uha.fr/