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Epitech Experience


The Epitech Innovative Projects (EIP) Forum celebrated its 10th anniversary last year – today, it is changing. The format of the presentation of around one hundred end-of-study projects – the Epitech Innovative Projects (EIP) – is now called Epitech Experience. This name change is intended to highlight the increased requirement level at EPITECH. This transformation will take place live on Friday, 25 November. You can also experience it remotely via #EpitechXP2016.

The best Epitech Innovative Project

This “level up” in the school’s requirements will be particularly visible next Friday morning, when the EIP groups selected among the 12 cities of Epitech’s national network will pitch their projects before a highly-qualified jury. This year, all 14 of the selected groups (including 3 from Paris) have followed a coaching program dedicated to the art of the pitch. Before your eyes, these fifth-year students will abandon the purely academic world to step into the shoes of a startup.

102 long-term projects.

These 14 groups from the class of 2017 have been selected among 102 EIPs. Launched during their third year, these end-of-study projects were developed abroad during their fourth year, with practically every team member being separated from the others by multiple time zones. By learning to work remotely, acculturation to project management, implementation under the supervision of labEIP (the school’s Project Management Office), and the industrialization of their Minimum Viable Project (MVP) developed during Forward in the third year, an EIP is the first step of the transformation of a student into a professional, leading to a position in a business or to entrepreneurship.

The time and prizes

The 2016 edition of the EIP Trophies starts at 10:45 am. This competition between classmates gives the victors access to a project incubation at IONIS 361 or Creative Valley – the school’s partner incubators.

Debate during this innovation morning

The pitches of the groups participating in the EIP Trophies are preceded by an opening debate centered on “The digitization of society, its place and its impacts.” The digitization of society both in its social dimension and in the upheaval of the professions and sectors caused by the digital revolution.

The President of CNNum is back on campus

To speak about all these aspects, this year’s speakers are Philippe Mihelic, Innovation Manager of Groupe La Poste (and also founder of the Fulllsix Agency) and Mounir Mahjoubi, President of the National Digital Council, who already visited the school last September during the ‘Piscine’ Moonshot, whose themes for 2016 are clearly in line with the subject of this Friday’s conference.

The President of the jury and our students

Raouti Chehih, president of the Euratechnologies strategic council and president of the EpitechXP2016 jury, frequently encounters our students during the projects developed and accelerated within Euratechnologies, “an ecosystem whose vocation is to breed a generation of successful entrepreneurs in the new technology sector, as well as to build a strong economic power in this sector of activity at both the regional and national levels.”

Changing the world

“With their skills,” he adds, “the talents of Epitech have enormous power, well beyond their expectations, to make a difference for their country. When you master the technology, you can master the world and thus change it.” We are waiting to see the germination of the seeds of these new forms of disruption.

The words of the President of the Jury

Raouti Chehih is also a member of the school’s  Development Council, so he knows its value: “We have a very pragmatic and entrepreneurial vision at Epitech (…). It is a school that knows how to adapt to its times and this yields profiles that are really very interesting for businesses, with young people who are able to adapt to any situation and are capable of a modularity in their skills that is really very interesting. It is the hallmark of Epitech, which creates profiles that are highly sought after.”