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SAAS, the path to tech glory


Yesterday we were talking about the fundraising deadline when accelerating a startup. It may seem a long way away for the students who are due to graduate in 2017, and are in the middle of bootstrapping their EIPs. In fact that’s not the case: when you have an idea that is taken up by a whole community within a few weeks, things can move fast. Very fast, as shown by Keymetrics, a startup created by Alexandre Strzelewicz (Epitech class of 2014).

Keys and figures
Keymetrics is an SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution for monitoring and managing web applications for Node.js. Created by a startup led by Alexandre as CEO, it went through the school’s incubator, Creative Valley. Now it’s a big hit among developers.
A kind of control panel
“With Keymetrics, you can deploy code in production more often, while staying informed of any decline in performance or stability. Our solution makes it possible to manage several servers at once, analyse the processes under way, errors produced, etc.”

After accelerating at the famous Techstars incubator in New York, the team that gathered around Alexandre has since been redoubling its efforts. The Techstars “demo day” indeed takes place on 17 April, the day when around 300 investors will be scrutinising “the startup with big potential”… “We hope to be lucky enough to raise 1 to 3 million dollars.”
Alexandre takes a look back at this amazing ascent for us.

Approved by the community
“Two years ago, during my exchange in my fourth year abroad (in Shanghai, Tongji University), I had enough free time to work at this company, Wiredcraft, where I learned Node.js. That’s where I saw a gap in the market for a tool to deploy Node.js applications in production. We ran an article on HackerNews which created a lot of traction: 70,000 visits in 3 hours…”
“I therefore developed PM2, a website manager that is becoming the most popular process manager in the Node.js ecosystem. Previously there was only one tool and it was not well maintained. The main point of PM2 in addition to the other solutions is that it enables a Javascript application to use all of a machine’s CPUs whereas a Javascript app only uses one CPU.”

A buzz around Github
“For its open source publication, many developers all over the world took part and contributed to improving it. Seeing the downloads grow month on month, I thought there might be an opportunity to create a “business” around this free product. So I send a questionnaire to the open source community and received over 2,500 answers containing feedback, emails and telephone numbers.”

Lean startup
“Given the community’s interest in this program, I therefore started work on an initial prototype during my final year internship. A few months later, I teamed up with Jérémy Boissinot (ESCP/Sciences Po) and we co-founded Keymetrics (12metrics SAS).”

Kremlin-Bicêtre, Paris, New York City
“We soon raised the funds with Kima Ventures ($150,000), recruited developers and rented an office in Paris to keep on developing the program. Then we were introduced to Alex Iskold through Yann Gozlan (co-founder and President of Creative Valley), Managing Director at Techstars. Alex Iskold strongly recommended that we apply to Techstars… and we were selected.” Since then it’s been all hands on deck to get ready for 17 April.