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Be Box Miami 2-day event


Now we’va had an introduction, it’s time for action. After the Tech Discovery Lab (TDL) #2 and other Q & A sessions to provide information for students at Epitech, Epita and Sup’Internet, it’s now the turn of the Bbox Miami hackathon.

Specific information
Organised by Bouygues Telecom and IONIS Education Group, this big event for brainstorming and development of all kinds focussing on the new Bouygues Telecom box will start on Wednesday 4 March at 7 pm and end on Friday 6 at 6 pm. It’s time to register.

A smart new world
We’ve already given a few examples of what you can imagine and then produce with Miami, its pet name among developers at the IONIS Education Group – Kremlin – Bicêtre Technology Campus. Miami is an open system that “connects feeds”, in a nutshell. It enables direct synchronisation between a smartphone, itself and the big screen.

Apps and API
To sum up, the Bbox Miami is firstly a TV-oriented interface that opens up a vast range of web possibilities. Hackathon entrants can design all kinds of apps to combine content, innovative notification systems and interpersonal recommendations; it’s a vast playground. The Bbox Miami is an open system.

And IoT too
What’s more, and we can indeed reveal that some students who have already registered are exploring this area, the Bbox Miami can serve as a hub between a smartphone and connected devices in the home. At TDL #2 for example, Lionel Laské (Innovation Director at C2S) and François Gette (Open API Chief Architect at Bouygues Telecom) mentioned the possibilities of connecting Bbox Miami and Flower Power by ParrotLG G Watchou and Awox lamps, not forgetting iBeacons of course.

Speaking of iBeacon…
iBeacon being essentially a Bluetooth 4.0 frequency transmitter, Michael Ohayon (Epitech class of 2016) attended the workshop session at TDL #2 to demonstrate how Miami can identify Bluetooth frequencies all around it, with an app made in less than 10 min. Another area where a number of practical uses could easily be envisaged…

Android and so much more
Students who aren’t well-versed in Android development don’t need to learn it all this weekend… For instance, you can develop Android apps very successfully by going via Cordova and programming in HTML5. Likewise, an iOS second screen is also an option.

One last Q & A
For latecomers, one last Q & A session is being held at the Spot Bouygues on Monday 2 March, from 4.30 pm to 6 pm. This Spot is at the usual place, on the 5th floor of the Paritalie building on 18, Rue Pasteur at Kremlin – Bicêtre.