Housing and personal expenses

Epitech doesn’t offer dormitories on campus, but the International Office will assist you in your search for accommodation (flat-sharing within Epitech students, student residences, studio apartments).

Here is an estimate of monthly living expenses for a student in Paris:

RENT €600 for a Studio
FOOD €250
TRANSPORTATION €60 for a monthly public transportation pass
TOTAL €1040
Renting an apartment

Starting around 600€ for a studio apartment near the campus

Sharing an apartment

As soon as you’ll have been admitted, the Epitech International relations Office will put in contact with Epitech students willing to share their apartment.

In addition, here is a list of websites dedicated to apartment-sharing in Paris:

Student residencies around the campus

Starting around 450€ for a studio apartment

Host Families

Staying in a host family can be a good way to discover the French culture and live in immersion in the language.
Host families are always with Paris or the secure suburbs of West Paris. You are independent but you also need to respect your host family habits.

Here are some websites you should have a look at: