Innovation Track

The aim of the program is to help our students reach a new level of expertise and build their own unique profile by staying in an innovative mindset and turn them into innovative experts able to create the digital world of tomorrow. Etudiants epitech

The program lasts 2 years. Each student’s first year is organized according to their profile, around « compulsory Core courses » and « chosen electives ». Students will acquire both technical and methodological knowledge.
During their second year, students will either specialize or diversify their knowledge according to their professional project. Epitech Innovative Projects (EIP) come to an end and students are ready to enter the job market. This year is the end of a cycle Epitech-Bootstrap-Summer-IONIS-Education-Group-Summer-Schools-portrait-groupeand serves as a stepping stone for the student’s early career.
The cycle allows for a large choice of electives per semester.
A 6-months long internship, in a company or an incubator, takes place at the end of the curriculum. It serves as a unique springboard for students’ career and allows to put their knowledge to work in real-life situations.


Core coursesEtudiants internationaux

  • Network
  • Web Service Design
  • Database
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Code quality
  • System Administration

Electives etudiants epitech 3


Areas of expertise:

  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Virtuality
  • Digital Security
  • Embedded


Areas of expertise:

  • Marketing & Strategy
  • Personal development
  • Project Management
  • Law/finance/accounting
  • Product management