The Grande Ecole Program

“Epitech students who complete our five-year Grande École program are IT experts. They are self-starters who take responsibility for their work and fit seamlessly into the corporate world. Of course, our Grande École program graduates know how to develop and synthesize ideas and technologies; but they also know how to form top-notch teams for mission-critical projects. Today’s world is constantly changing; innovation is the word of the day. Epitech Grande École students have what it takes to succeed.”

Emmanuel Carli, CEO


The two-phase Grande École Program:

The Grande École program embodies Epitech’s longstanding tradition of excellence—molding students into experts in innovation, information technology, and communication technology. Students gain new perspectives and hone their ability to face new challenges by participating in management training and group work—which begins right at the start of the school year. A study abroad year gives our students an international perspective.

These experiences serve as the foundation for our Epitech Innovative Projects module, which culminates the five-year experience. To round out the Grande École program, students earn the Epitech Expert in Information Technologies credential, recognized as a level 1 credential by the French National Registry of Professional certifications (RNCP). Students also have the option to earn an MBA from the ISG, a Business School in Paris.

Our five-year Grande École program involves two phases:

Phase 1—Bachelor’s program—3 years:

  • Introductory courses
  • Building a knowledge base
  • Mastering this knowledge

Phase 2—Advanced/Expert program—2 years:

  • Study abroad (optional for international students)
  • Expert-level work







Student Exchange program

With more than 80 international partner institutions over 5 continents, Epitech welcomes exchange students for one or two semesters at any stage of their curriculum with or without any background in IT.


We do believe passion and hard work are key elements to perform at Epitech!


Depending on their level, exchange students may apply for:

  • a beginner track: made for students with no or few knowledge in IT
  • an intermediate or confirmed track: made for IT undergraduate   students, who are able to code
  • a graduate track: made for IT graduate students


All over the academic year, the Epitech International Relations Office organises social activites and French classes to provide exchange students with a great insight into the French culture!


For more information on our curriculum, students should: